Proposals for Trafford biomass plant on view

Peel Energy is holding further public consultations in Trafford and Salford about its plans to develop a 20MW renewable energy plant on land on the south side of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Peel has submitted a planning application to Trafford Council for the £70m Barton Renewable Energy Plant proposal.

Peel said the proposal, which is located immediately west of Barton High Level Bridge in Trafford, could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 37,000 homes each year.

A two-day public consultation about the plans took place in July this year, and was attended by nearly 200 people, Peel said.

Jon England, Peel Energy project director, said: "We are extremely pleased with the level of public interest shown in the Barton Renewable Energy Plant. The backing shown for the proposal is extremely encouraging."

England added that a number of ideas that were expressed by visitors have been incorporated into the planning application.

Members of the Peel Energy team will be available at the public consultations so that anyone from the community can discuss the plans on an individual basis.

Over 2,300 households and businesses in Trafford and Salford have been notified about the consultation process.

Alongside the Peel Energy team, members of the community will also be able to talk to representatives from the Environment Agency and Planning Aid, with both organisations attending in an independent capacity.

If the Barton Renewable Energy Plant gains planning consent, Peel said work could begin on the site in early 2012 and the plant could be generating electricity by mid-2014.

The public consultation is being held at the DW Powerleague Trafford Soccer Dome at Trafford Quays Leisure Village on Thursday 9 December, between 4pm-9pm, and Friday 10 December, 10am-3pm.

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As someone who opposes this latest Peel scheme, I hope to be free on the Thursday night as I’ll be at work, like a few residents I imagine, on the Friday! What about shift workers living in Trafford? When do they get a say?

By G Lowe (Trafford resident)

UPDATE: Adds new image of Barton Renewable Energy Plant.

By Ed

G Lowe

I’m an Urmston resident who supports the proposals as a positive move to produce low carton electricity at an ultra-modern facility, bring jobs to Trafford, reduce waste wood filling up our rubbish dumps and make use of an otherwise derelict site. It seems to me that the company is doing all it can to keep people informed. Personally, I simply asked to meet them so that I could ask them questions, and as a result I recently met with Peel’s lead developer, Jonathan England. I think that if you take the time to engage with them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Anyone who wants to do something positive for the economy and the environment can sign up at our website, Over a hundred people have signed up in the last week.

By M Sutcliffe

Peel Energy are driven by profit. They are jumping on the biomass bandwagon to generate as much money as possible with the smallest possible initial outlay. This incinerator will release toxic pollution all over the area. They will be burning reclaimed wood, which could have been treated with creosote amongst other things. Peel Energy are ruthless businessmen. They are not interested in the environment. Why else stick it 570 metres from residences where there are children, and next to the Millennium Nature Reserve. Shame on them! I too attended the consultation evening and could see through their scripted answers and downright lies. Object in writing to the Chief Planning Officer (Simon Castle) at Trafford Borough Council, quoting planning reference 76153/full/2010. Biomass incineration is NOT environmentally friendly, and Peel admitted the electricity generated would supply the Trafford Centre and ‘other local businesses’. They will be paid for taking other people’s/countries rubbish, then paid again for the electricity produced. How useful that the site is on the canal side – scope for boating in ‘waste’ from the USA who have banned incineration ON HEALTH GROUNDS. Call me a cynic if you like, but this is Peel we are talking about. Alturism has never been part of the Peel Motto.

By Annie Kenny

Well said Annie Kenny I am with you on this matter. It’s funny that the EU are having no more of this incinerators built after 2014, makes me think why Peel want this rushed through naughty. Peel Industries should be ashamed of them selves.

By Paul

I find it interesting that Mr Sutcliffe thinks the health risks are worth 15 low grade jobs. I heard about the consultation evening and feel it is worth pointing out that most of the slick operators with their scripted answers do not live anywhere near the proposed site. Also they give the impression that the electricity supplied will be for residents benefit.

By Mary Barton

How strategic are Peel? Submitting the plans just before Christmas when people are unusually busy? How very very tactical. I went to the consultation day too and noted there were about 20 members of the Breathe Clean Air Group in attendance. And how very odd that the original image on the so called ‘gret group’ website was EXACTLY the same as one on the Peel plans, and on the pictures displayed around the room. Peel setting up their own little support group I think. What resident in their right mind would be keen to have an incinerator in the neighbourhood? It does not make sense.

By Rick

I went to the evening and have not had my mind changed one little bit. The incinerator is hazardous to residents in Davyhulme Eccles and surrounding areas. Couldn’t care less how they modify it for appearance sake. Do they really think we are that stupid?

By Noel

I went to the meeting with Peel, They were talking Bull Dust. They must think we are all very stupid, but people could see right through what they were trying to do! And it wasn’t working from what I could see, people were getting very angry with them. Which is good we all need to fight this!

By Norma Parker

I too was there – it was all very strategic and the younger Peel bods were well versed in talking rubbish. They sure didn’t like being asked if they lived near an incinerator!

By Ricky Great

M Sutcliffe I also wanted to meet Peel and was most unpleasantly surprised. They were slick with a well rehearsed script. Afraid your 100 or so supporters are vastly outnumbered by the opposers!

By robert owen

Their most recent presentation was so slick it made the Torrey Canyon disaster look like a spillage on the driveway. As for getting a TV "Scientist" to endorse the idea along with a bunch of Germans on a less-than-engaging presentation – well all it gave me was the opportunity to rest my weary legs and park my backside on a comfy chair for a few minutes! This proposal is scandalous in the extreme – it was Peel, after all, who insisted that the half of Davyhulme sewage works which was closest to their flagship enterprise, should be covered, lest the noses of the big-spending Sunday-shoppers be offended by the occasional smell wafting in their direction. So what do they want to do? – Build something more offensive adjacent to said treatment plant, and to Hades with the lot of us. At this special time of year, lets remember this: "In as much as you did it unto one of these, you did it unto me"!

By Michael Black

Unproven information regarding pollution effects . Also possible misleading information being investigated by Advertising Stds Authority . Valuable job creation and much needed power supply to around 37 k homes Let them get on with this construction and implementation .

By Shaun Duggal

Advertising Standards Authority! What on earth are the group selling? Thought they were a community group protesting against a biomass incinerator being sited on their doorstep!

By Octavia Hill

This proposal should be thrown out. Incinerators POLLUTE – the filters are UNABLE to filter out the dioxins etc. Poor air quality already in this area. It should be stopped. It’s a money making scheme and nothing else.

By Barginfoot

wonderful to see the protestors against this incinerator marching in their hundreds and garnering support en route from residents. People power at it best.

By Bargepole

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