Welcome to Liverpool’s latest branding

Street banners, flags and welcome boards in Liverpool are to be updated with a campaign promoting the city as a 'destination of business and cultural excellence'.

The 107 city centre banners, 100 flags and boards will carry messages that tie in with the 'It's Liverpool and I'm Liverpool' campaign launched in autumn 2011. Some of the banners will carry the Twitter hashtag label, #itsliverpool.

Other messages include:

  • Welcome to the home of spectacular cultural events
  • Welcome to a leading European city for digital start-ups
  • Welcome to the UK's definitive music city
  • Welcome to the fastest growing retail centre in the UK
  • Welcome to the fastest growing economy outside London
  • Welcome to one the city's best city break destinations
  • Welcome to one of Europe's largest trading port
  • Welcome to a world centre for life-saving biomedical research
  • Welcome to the UK's capital of radical arts festivals
  • Welcome to the most successful football city in the UK

In and around North Liverpool emphasis will be placed on the 'giant opportunities' that exist for investment as showcased during the Sea Odyssey event featuring three giant puppets which attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the city and generated enormous media coverage.

Other organisations will also be able to display their own messages which are consistent with the look of the dressing and carry the itsliverpool.com logo.

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Lamppost banners around the football stadia are already in place advertising the city's football offer under Its Football, while the Stanley Street Quarter will be advertising itself as a place of "diversity, inclusivity and quirky culture."

The new city dressing will take place in two phases with the first phase concentrating on the city centre and the second on the major arterial routes, including M62, Speke Boulevard, East Lancashire Road and at Liverpool John Lennon Airport and the Birkenhead Tunnel.

Max Steinberg, chief executive of Liverpool Vision, said: "For too long the city dressing has not been consistent, because it has been owned by different partners. We need to dress the city to impress and for success and the wish is to turn people's heads and recognise what a wonderful place Liverpool is.

"[From now on] the branding across Liverpool will become uniform and the content will be relevant and current and reflect a city that is ambitious and is making great strides in selling itself to the world.

"Competition between cities for investment, visitors and students is more fierce than it has ever been and while we must look as good as we can, we also have to shout from every lamppost, flagpole and message board why Liverpool is great and how we are moving forward."

Cllr Joe Anderson, mayor of Liverpool, added: "We need to show the city off at every opportunity and that starts from the moment people arrive to the moment they leave. This is part of showcasing the city as a leading international city of culture and business to residents, students and existing business and a destination for visitors and potential investors.

"We have been very successful in winning the right to host huge international events, including GEC, Sea Odyssey, political conferences and the BBC Showcase and we also have a lot to be proud of here in Liverpool. It is therefore incumbent on us to remind visitors and residents alike of our success and continuing ambition."

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