Junction 8 Warrington

Warrington junction nets £3m contribution

Warrington Council’s bid for £3m towards the improvement of junction 8 of the M62 has been approved by Highways England.

The money comes from the government’s growth and housing fund and provides a shot in the arm for the £12m project, which is being delivered by the council with support from Cheshire & Warrington LEP alongside contributions from developers.

Construction is due to start in January 2017, with completion expected in late spring 2018.

Cllr Hans Mundry, cabinet member for highways at Warrington Council, said: “As well as providing improvements for existing journeys the scheme will provide much needed capacity to help support further development in the area, such as the Omega development site and Lingley Mere.”

The junction 8 scheme is part of the wider West Warrington package of infrastructure improvements that will support the construction of 1,400 homes in the area.


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Hmm did Junction 8 need it? 10 is worse from a ‘flow’ perspective cant they do anything with that. Also M56 could really really do with some help!

By Bob Dawson

Bob: explain what you mean by ‘from a flow perspective’.

The money is from the Housing and Growth Fund, which is intended to ‘unlock’ housing development sites; in this case Omega. Junction 8 has significant capacity constraints and was never intended to carry anything like the volumes of traffic it already does (it has all be expanded from an original farmer’s overpass) – this will become significantly worse once Omega is fully built out.

By Zayne

I mean cars getting through – flow of traffic. Please explain what ‘it has be expanded from an original farmer’s overpass” means? So they have allowed it to be built out without improving the infrastructure beforehand – didn’t think this was allowed to happen? And now the council have to pay for it? Doesn’t sound very good Zayne.

By Bob Dawson

What is now J8 was originally just a road over the M62, linking farmers fields on both sides. This now forms the eastern section of the roundabout and the junction has been gradually expanded piecemeal over the years to try to cope with demand: in short, it has never really been fit for purpose.

Yes, often infrastructure does get overloaded after things are built before any improvement, because developers don’t like paying for the necessary improvements and highway authorities don’t have much cash. The £3m quoted is from the UK government’s Housing and Growth Fund, which has been awarded to Warrington (the scheme sponsor) via Highways England – it is not existing council cash.

Anyway, the money is intended to cover improvements deemed necessary by forthcoming development at Omega – not the stuff that’s already built. Without this funding/improvement, Junction 8 will get a whole lot worse.

By Zayne

its not junction 8 that needs it, its the two lane section at junction 9 where the m62 crosses the m6 that needs it!

I mean, a major motorway between 2 major cities going down to just TWO lanes, it really does beggars belief.

By collywolly

It is Junction 8 that needs it for the Omega development. This is for the Omega development. The Omega development will have an impact on J9 too, but much less than at Junction 8.

Junction 9 needs sorting separately from the Omega impacts at Junction 8.

By Zayne

Zayne-junction 8 was only built around 5 to 8 years ago specifically for omega, now if they got the capacity wrong that’s another matter but its junction 9 ( winwick) which causes all the problems on the m62

By collywolly

Incorrect. It was originally built for the abandoned car plant on the northern side.

The development mix at Junction 8 has changed, so traffic demand (volume and profile) has subsequently changed. See the approvals earlier this year.

Happy to discuss.

By Zayne