Noma Artwork


PICK ME UPAn art installation at Manchester’s Noma district is giving people returning to its offices a warm message of support as they navigate the uncertain path from their home studies back to the city centre. A series of signs, created by artist Tim Denton, can be seen throughout the neighbourhood imploring people to keep their peckers up and take a moment, all in the name of support during this trying time. If you have ever been to Passion Fruit Coffee in Stretford, you will be familiar with Denton’s work – he designed the interior. 

The seven signs say:

…and our favourite:


Darwen is pulling at the leash

DEXIT…Encouraged by the ‘success’ of Brexit, the Lancashire town of Darwen, fed up of being shackled to neighbouring Blackburn, is making a bid for freedom. A petition to break free has garnered more than 2,000 signatures since it was launched. According to the petition, set up by local resident Izzy Ahmed, the people of Darwen want more control of their own affairs and are “sick and tired of being second best and waiting for dribs and drabs” from Blackburn with Darwen Council. Darwen has a population of around 30,000 and was its own borough before joining forces with Blackburn in 1974, the year of after another ill-fated union. I wonder if the Leave campaign will hire a bus to push their message… 

SGG Apparel

Stevie G in a particularly daring number

FOOTY FASHION…Not to be outdone by project manager Steven Gerard, who last week slammed the idea of a zip wire in Liverpool, the other Steven Gerrard (him that played footy) has wormed his way into the news and snatched back the limelight. The former Reds captain has opened a clothes store at Liverpool One. SGG Apparel features a range of the midfielder’s favourite clobber, including shin pads and football boots, probably. According to the company’s website, SGG Apparel “offers you the chance to become the best version of yourself”. The power of fashion, eh? 

Castle Irwell Streetscene

Calderpeel is the architect for Salboy’s Castle Irwell development

CALD-APPEAL…With networking and face-to-face meetings off the table for now, Manchester-based architect Calderpeel has reported an uptick in instructions via Instagram. Ewen Miller, managing director of Calderpeel, said the firm had spent time and effort boosting its social media offering over the last two years and this is starting to pay off. “It is a good seam for us to continue to explore,” he said. 

Manchester Arena Redevelopment Bird's Eye View

Lynch was hoping for a relaxing weekend away from the arena

TEED OFF…Spare a thought for Tom Lynch, business development director at Manchester Arena operator ASM Global. Not only is he working around the clock on the arena’s impending redevelopment and tussling with the prospect of a second arena arriving in the city, he has also been dealt a blow in his social life. Due to head off to Aberdeen for a few rounds of golf with friends this weekend, his plans were scuppered when the Scottish Government announced it would be placing the granite city into lockdown – putting paid to Lynch’s hopes of relaxing in the pub after a solid 18 holes. 

KARNAGE…Next time you take aim at a politician it is probably worth remembering the plight of Manchester Labour councillor Pat Karney. He was put in the unenviable position of having to explain the reasons behind the ban on “Manc-y panky”: the latest pandemic restrictions placed on Greater Manchester. Nookie with someone outside your support bubble across the 10 boroughs is currently banned and Karney described the interview on BBC Radio Manchester as “the most awkward I have ever done”. Poor bloke. 

Heaton Moor Cyclops

Cyclops are popping up everywhere

CYCL-OPPS…Cyclops are no longer to be feared thanks to the advent of the active travel boom, we can’t get enough of them. After the success of the Cyclops – Cycle Optimised Protected Signals junction – on Royce Road, intended to help cyclists negotiate the junction more easily, there have been clamours for more. Blackfriars at the end of Deansgate in Manchester has been mooted as a suitable location and work to create a Cyclops at Newport Street and Trinity Street in Bolton is already underway. Now, the Four Heatons wants in on the action. Walk Ride Heatons has mocked up what the junction of Wellington Road North and the B5169 to Heaton Moor would look like if it, too, became home to half-blind Greek monster. 

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I am a cyclist and support improvements to cycling infrastructure however who has decided the new junction at Royce Rd is a success and how was that measured? I’m not saying it isn’t a success but it seems a bit soon to have drawn that conclusion.

By Allotmentdad2

The anti-car nazis, who are the in the minority by far, are getting too much leeway.

By Anonymous

Cyclists are road users too you know. And many cyclists are motorists too. And cyclists, like motorists pay tax that contributes to the upkeep of the highway. It’s perfectly reasonable therefore, in fact it’s essential, to allocate road space to cycling. Some motorists live in the dark age don’t they?

By Motoring cyclist

Interesting to note DEXIT. There is a large PEXIT movement as well – a call for Penwortham to become an free autonomous state – losing the Preston postcode and breaking free of the shackles of South Ribble Borough Council – plans for new offices in the grounds of Hurst Grange Park and a new crossing of the River Ribble to connect the bypass to M55. Build Back Better. There is a lot of it around.

By Brian

Great work WR Heatons! CYCLOPS is visionary stuff by TfGM’s engineers – looking forward to seeing more of them across GM.

By Active Travel Trev

“The anti-car nazis”. Tens of thousands of deaths are attributed to air pollution in the UK each year, not to mention obesity and climate change. Encouraging sustainable transport and sustainable commuting isn’t anti-car, it’s pro-people. Obviously there will be people who, due to where they live or because of disability, will need to drive, but reducing the number of cars on the road will actually benefit them.

It may be that you have a chip on your shoulder about the stereotype lycra-clad MAMILs? There is a reason why only certain people cycle. Making cycling safer will help to broaden the range of people who feel comfortable cycling in our cities.

For the record I am a car owner/driver and not a cyclist.

By On yer bike

The actual Nazis killed ten million people in a genocide and you’re talking about a road junction. Get a grip please.

By Wberg

Today’s cyclists are tomorrow’s car owners.

By Anonymous

I’m with the first comment. As a cyclist and a driver, it’s great to see cycling getting a lot of attention but I’m not sure these over-worked junctions are sustainable, MCC struggle to keep up the simplest of maintenance tasks, these will just be a neglected mess in a couple of years.

By Hold your tin horses

Cars don’t belong in our cities. They are a waste of space. Imagine the amount of affordable housing, parks, schools and job-creating office space you could build if we closed all of Manchester’s wasteful surface parking areas. Driving should be for the disabled or elderley only, everybody else should be cycling or on public transport. Lazy people make the roads too congested for emergency vehicles and people who genuinely need to drive

By Anonymous

On almost all roads, space for people and bikes is limited and where bikes have to share roads it’s very dangerous. So a small amount of better bike infrastructure is built and apparently ‘teh anti-car nazis… are getting far too much leeway”?

By Anonymous

Another petrolhead moron speaks.Lets jam up all the roads with killer fumes,let’s park all over the pavements,(meant for people),let’s build more and more roads,(and then fill them up.)Let’s pollute the air we need to breathe,until the Earth’s natural systems can no longer function properly,(already happening),let’s sit in endless traffic jams,(happening everyday).Health problems caused by polluted air costs the NHS billions every year,not to mention the thousands upon thousands of deaths and injury worldwide,but petrolhead would rather blame cyclists.This comment has already been deleted by Place North West,why I don’t know,when a comment referring to cyclists as Nazis has been allowed to stand.

By M O'Donovan

If cyclists want their car free city centre roads, no problem but tax them for the future maintenance of those roads. Just like they do with motor vehicles. Another thing – they will have NO excuses for riding on pavements therein.

By another petrolhead moron

another petrolhead moron – *sigh*. Everyone pays for the roads in their council tax, so cyclists do too. Maybe motorists should pay an additional tax for all the damage they do to pavements by parking on them, or for the impact they have on the NHS when a drunk driver speeds off the road at three times the limit and kills a child. Just a thought.

By Anonymous

@MO’Donovan. You do realise that calling someone a petrolhead moron online makes you no better don’t you? He/she was attacking a group ideology, whereas you’re attacking an individual. You’re reaction backs up exactly what you’re attacking.
I agree with the rest of what you said.

By Keyboard king

Ban cars and just allow cyclists and public transport in city centres – so access in the hands of one provider? Not a good idea. Been tried before. Can you save my space in the queue for today’s onion ration?

By ChesneyT

This misunderstanding about how tax works in this country is staggering

By Anonymous

Ban cycling, it’s not a mode of transport it’s a hobby

By Lol

The car haters will never get all their own way.

By Anonymous