St Modwen v Tesco bout goes another round

Liverpool City Council and developer St Modwen will challenge Tesco's attempt to seek a judicial review affecting the £150m regeneration scheme in Great Homer Street.

Following its planning application for a standalone foodstore, which was turned down by government last year, Tesco launched a legal challenge which will further delay the delivery of the Project Jennifer scheme. Tesco had originally been on board to anchor St Modwen's scheme but withdrew in 2008 and was replaced by Sainsbury's.

Tesco is arguing that the planning inspector's recent decision to reject its plans was wrong on a point of law.

Michelle Taylor, regional director of St Modwen, said: "We are extremely frustrated and dismayed that Tesco has taken this action.

"The planning inspector made it very clear that the Tesco scheme would not deliver the regeneration the area so badly needs, which St Modwen and Liverpool City Council have maintained throughout the course of the project.

"This will be a major blow to the community. It was only last week that we held a meeting with local people and told them that we could move forward with the delivery of the scheme. There was clear relief and enthusiasm that the project could get going and we had set out our timescales for development.

"Unfortunately, these timings will now have to change and we are extremely disappointed that the much anticipated regeneration of north Liverpool has been delayed once again."

Cllr Peter Millea, Liverpool City Council's executive member for assets and development, added: "This news is exceptionally frustrating. Regeneration in Liverpool has made massive progress in recent years, attracting major new investment to the city. We are very disappointed that a company which has a good track record of investing in Liverpool should put its commercial interests in the way of one of the city's most important regeneration projects.

"Tesco had the opportunity over many years to be part of this and chose not to. Sainsbury's has stepped in to do what Tesco would not. The City Council, St Modwen, Sainsbury's and others will robustly contest this challenge and will make every effort to ensure that Project Jennifer goes forward, delivering the scheme that the community and the city wants to see."

Sainsbury's committed to taking a 110,000 sq ft store in the scheme, situated between Great Homer Street and Scotland Road. The proposed plans will make it the largest superstore in the city.

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love it!

By Jamie

surely just vindictiveness now? maybe they appointed taggart from down the road as head of strategy. Man U are the only other team as bad at losing as Tesco.

By Tosh

“When giants fight it’s the land that suffers.”

I for one would like to see Tesco get the hell out of the way of a project that they have made very clear they do not want to be a part of. I don’t think anybody can fail to see that the only thing they stand to gain from this challenge is sticking it to their rivals Sainsburys…the fact that an underdeveloped community gets to wait another few years for regeneration while they throw their rattle out of the pram doesn’t seem to be a problem for them.

By Mordy

Tesco, Sainsburys and St Mowen are all in this for themselves…….to make a profit…..which is fine. Regeneration and benefiting the local community is merely icing on the cake. This is a fact no matter how it is dressed up or presented in terms of CSR.

Developers are not developing at the moment because they cant make a profit doing so unless the “building” they are developing is profitable. Supermarkets are! Community facilities, offices and new workshops are not!

Liverpool City Council should have ensured that this vital regeneration programme went ahead 3 years ago as originally planned…..

I am afraid the lack of progress lies squarely at their doorstep……believe me both Sainsburys and Tesco would still have a superstore built and trading quicker than you could believe given half the chance!

Come on Liverpool City Council…….sort it out! There are businesses and communities in limbo that need action….not excuses.

By Robin Hood

Why dont the Council just but out of everything and their cosy cronies they cause so much harm seeking their own advantage under the guise of “helping the community” and “regeneration”.
Sainsbury’s Tescos and St Modwen are all big (ugly) boys and can sort out the best use for the site between themselves

By Local Resident

st modwen has sat on its hands for 6 or 7 years now and only in may 2009 they said the plans were on hold for 18 months or more so tesco throw there own plans in to kickstart it .after gov office came out in favor of st modwen they sat on it more for months trying to find ways to delay so legal challenge was a blessing for them to stall once agian . we’re not fools on scottie road we know they are just playing, if they wanted it they would have started acquisitions way back when st modwens plans were past

By scottieborn