Salford Masterplan March 2018

Salford unveils £800m university masterplan

The University of Salford and Salford City Council have released the first details of a potential £800m masterplan for the University’s campus and the surrounding area, designed by architect 5plus.

The 240-acre site covers the University’s existing campus, areas around the Crescent, Peel Park, and Frederic Road North.

Overall, the University’s estate extends north and south of The Crescent, taking in the listed elements of the Musuem & Art Gallery, to Salford Crescent station and includes green spaces at the Meadows, Peel Park and the David Lewis Sports Ground.

Across the area, the masterplan outlines opportunities for:

  • 1m sq ft of education floorspace
  • 6m sq ft of commercial floorspace targeted at industrial growth sectors
  • Around 2m sq ft of public realm, green landscaped routes, and cycleways
  • 2,500 new homes and apartments

The industrial space, due to be delivered at a newly-designated Frederic Road North Industrial Collaboration Zone, will be focussed on attracting businesses from the digital, creative, engineering, environment, sport, health, and wellbeing sectors.

The proposals also include a new hotel and conferencing suite; a new school; and 2,000 car parking spaces set across a number of multi-storey car parks across the area.

Alongside extensive public realm, around 62 acres of the site will be set aside for parkland.

In total, the masterplan is expected to have a GDV of £800m.

5plus was appointed as masterplanner for the site in June 2017, and director Tony Skipper said: “This is a vast area with a lot of existing assets, from transport connections to heritage buildings to green space. Our brief was to unlock this potential to create one city district that will play a significant role in the economic and cultural life of Salford.”

Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett added: “The City of Salford has attracted billions of pounds of private sector investment in the last decade and delivered nationally important regeneration projects that have brought new industries, new training and development opportunities and new jobs to the city.

“The combined assets of the city and the university around The Crescent present a huge opportunity for the continued growth of the city linking education with enterprise and industry and arts, culture, heritage and community.”

The University, the council, and 5plus are due to release further details of the masterplan at next week’s MIPIM property conference in Cannes.

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They can spend all that money on universities but Carnt afford to keep the local nurseries open come on Salford get real please!!!!

By Jane

Salford council have been depopulating the area for years. It’s a definite case of social cleansing.

By Les

@Jane, who’s ‘they’@?

By biggus

Is anyone able to clarify whether the new school is primary / secondary or part of the university i.e. business school etc?

By James

No thought for the people of Salford…who pay TAXES & COUNCIL TAX. How can you justify the cost whilst constantly letting down those that permanently live there. In fact ” Why not take the whole of Salford for students” kick out the residents & make more money. It’s ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY.

By Anonymous