Escooter At University Of Salford
Salford is Lime's third UK location after trials in London and Milton Keynes

Salford launches e-scooter trial  

Dan Whelan

Micromobility firm Lime is to run a pilot with Transport for Greater Manchester and the University of Salford to provide electric scooters at the Peel Park and Frederick Road campuses.

Under the plans, the 12-month trial will eventually be expanded to connect the university campus to MediaCityUK  and then to Ordsall and Salford city centre, to improve accessibility for students.

Lime’s Salford trial is its third UK pilot following London and Milton Keynes, but the company is more established elsewhere in Europe, such as in Germany, which boasts the scooters in 14 cities. 

The UK Government decriminalised the use of electric scooters in July and fast-tracked UK trials of the technology as part of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Overall, Lime operates e-scooters in 125 locations around the world, mainly in the US. 

Its e-scooters can be accessed through the Lime app. In order to use one of the scooters, riders scan the QR code on the handlebars to begin a ride. 

Each scooter costs £1 to unlock and 15p per minute to ride. When a ride is complete, users must park the scooter in designated parking locations and take a photo to confirm the end of the ride. 

Nicola Kane, head of strategic planning at TfGM, said: “E-scooters have been hugely successful in many other countries around the world. We know people want to use them to get about and they can be a stepping stone to encouraging people to use cars less for local journeys.  

Mike Brown, director of strategic partnerships at the University of Salford, added: “We saw trialling e-scooters and researching ‘micromobility’ over short distances around and between campuses and local transport hubs as an opportunity we could not miss. 

“I am sure our students will welcome the use of e-scooters and that it will help provide some enjoyment and excitement in the return to campus during these uncertain times.” 

Florence Milner, Lime’s general manager for the UK and Ireland, said: “We are excited to work with innovative towns and cities such as Salford, offering the best and safest solution for residents to move around their city with zero impact on the environment.” 

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Massive risk !!!we all know what happened to the previous cycle scheme .

By Anonymous

One of my favourite sayings to my kids is “god gave us legs, use em”. The students using the scooters are going to get the scooters took off em of the local scallywags. . Remember the Manchester mobikes (silver frame with orange wheels) around Salford and Manchester about 2years ago, these all got dumped everywhere and half of em went missing in the river and the ship canal. At the end of the day people including students have 2 legs, use em.

By Darren born bred.

I’ve seen these schemes work in other countries and I do believe they can be good. That said, all the other cities have a massive difference to MCR – they all maintain their streets. Ours are full of potholes, narrow roads and dangerous corners. But, in a nutshell, they can be effective.


It will be a failure, British kids have no common sense, they will abuse the system and treat it as FUN. This is not a European city!!! Remember the last time this kind of thing was tried? History will repeat itself, again

By Mike

I would not risk going through Salford on a scooter. It can be very rough and you could soon become a target.

By Liverpool Utopia

It’s not the scooters, they are used to great effect in many countries – it’s the atitude of the British people thats the problem….it’s embarrassing to think that the smartest thing we can do is chuck them in a canal…

By lexi pamplemouse

Remember Manchester’s Mobikes? Lots of orange bikes probably still in the canals.

By Anonymous

Hmm…. not sure GM is the place for dockless mobility solutions, hope they’ve got a boat to fish them out of the Irwell. They also work better when there’s decent segregated infrastructure like cycle lanes, prepare to be disappointed.

By Rich X

This is amazing news! These things should be rolled out across the country. Washington DC has them and they are fantastic.

By snoutsinthetrough

With all developments in technology, we should be congratulating the entrepreneurial spirit that is attracted to our amazing city. That said, as most posters have pointed out, that previous attempts to use an electric vehicle is mass was not successful due to the abuse of the system and mechanism in place. I sincerely hope this new initiative has seen the experience two years ago and taken lessons learned so that this new initiative gets a good try. I am concerned with any system that requires payment due to the level of gaps and risk it will cause. Good luck

By Black Mancunian

This is Brexit Britain don’t forget and not like continental Europe where they have higher standards of common decency and trust. I agree with others, the self serving Brexit Brits will steal and abuse these and the scheme will struggle very quickly unless there are sophisticated safeguards.

By Why can’t it be more like the continent?!

They’re going to banned because they can’t make money the most eco thing in london and everywhere

By Jay reg

Salford/Manchester lol

By Anonymous

Who’s covering their insurance for being on public highways?

By Paul Twigg