A49 Link Road

Redesigned Wigan link road gets £9m funding boost

Work on a new £20m link road between the A49 and Westwood Park looks set to begin, two-and-a-half years after a contract for the project was first awarded, with a funding package of £9m due to be signed off this week.

The A49 link road will tie in to an existing roundabout at the Warring Road and Little Lane junction, continuing through to Westwood Park at the Chapel Lane and Poolstock Lane junction. In total it will include around 2.3km of new dual carriageway.

Internal access roads at Westwood Park will also be dualled, while bridges will be widened and new retaining structures will be built as part of the work.

A contract for the project was first awarded to Galliford Try in June 2015, but the contract was terminated last year “by mutual consent”.

The project’s design and construction has now been re-tendered, and a contractor is expected to be in place by March this year.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority is due to sign off the final £9m funding package for the road, drawn down from Local Growth Deal budgets, when it meets this Friday. The GMCA has already backed the project with £1m of funding, with the remaining £10m provided by Wigan Council.

The GMCA said the link road would “enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and support economic growth”.

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Just extend the M58 to meet the M61!!

By Kayla Bibby

Hi Kayla, can you share a link to the traffic modelling reports you’ve commissioned to support your suggestion

By Town Planner

Isn’t the extended M58 an option with the North West M60 Quadrant study?

By Dell

TOWN PLANNER – Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I have in my possession a cutting from the Wigan Observer from around 1972 which shows the original plan to connect the M6/58 to the M61, so plans must be archived somewhere within Wigan Council – unless they have been conveniently lost or destroyed. P.S. Where you around in 1972?

By JGW905

Guess where the traffic congestion is going to be when both link roads are completed – if ever!
My guess is Smithy Brook Road to the A49 roundabout at the Wainhomes Housing Development.

By JGW905

JGW905: facetiousness, not sarcasm. Quite different.

Nope, I wasn’t around in 1972, but my guess is that maybe, just maybe, traffic flows have changed significantly in the last 46 years and any original case for the scheme might have changed. That’s notwithstanding transport policy or scheme appraisal changes. Just because a scheme was planned then doesn’t mean it is worthwhile now; hence its pie in the sky without an up-to-date business case.

By Town Planner

TOWN PLANNER Yes, I agree with you that traffic flows have changed in the last 46 years – they have vastly increased, which is why Wigan Council are seeking to carry out Route A5225 in a piecemeal & ad hoc way now instead of proceeding with the original plan in the ’70s.

By JGW905

Too many people living in the country, Too much traffic, you don;t get traffic like this in France because they have room and less people for their size.Building new roads isn’t the answer it’s less people or the whole country will be roads and houses then what?


France also has an effective railway system which takes traffic off the roads. We have a railway service which would look dated in Albania. France also has very few really large cities.

By Elephant

about time believe it when i see it hope its not a big a mess as at the top of poolstock lane

By Anonymous

Will it ever happen?

By Steve