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A station on the railway running through Cheadle is a priority

Railway connection key as Cheadle Towns Fund bid nears

Neil Tague

The board staking the Stockport suburb’s claim for a Town Deal worth up to £25m has confirmed it is on course to submit its investment plan next month, within the Towns Fund’s second cohort.

In November 2019, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government announced that 1,010 towns nationwide had been selected for the Towns Fund, with each town able to apply for up to £25m to address regeneration, skills and enterprise, and connectivity. Match funding is not a necessity but might strengthen a case, MHCLG said.

In December last year, Stockport Council received £140,000 of capacity funding to assist the town board with technical work in compiling its case. The Cheadle Towns Fund Board convened for the first time in January, and has met regularly since.

Economic development consultancy SQW was appointed as lead consultant, while rail specialist Pell Frischmann was brought in to develop a business case, as a new railway station is a key potential project.

According to a report for Stockport Council’s economy and regeneration scrutiny committee, which meets this Thursday, Pell Frischmann has nearly completed its work. Arup has been commissioned by MHCLG nationally to assist town boards, while Savills has also been involved.

Transport is at the root of Cheadle’s case and the report says: “The Town Investment Plan is rooted in the economic issues and opportunities that face Cheadle. These include traffic congestion, the lack of public transport, especially by rail or Metrolink, the changing high street and the scope for local job opportunities”.

The aim is for a station on the line that runs through the area, on the line towards Altrincham and Chester from Manchester Piccadilly via Stockport, possibly close to the BMI Alexandra hospital.

The four main strands of the bid are:

  • A railway station, probably single platform, and to be future-proofed by being made ready for tram-trains
  • Enhanced cycling and walking infrastructure, linking the centre and new station with key employment areas
  • Provision of a new innovation, digital technology and co-working space in central Cheadle, bearing in mind new ways of working post-Covid
  • Delivering environmentally sustainable physical developments to support future growth – meaning improved employment land at scale in attractive locations.

The Towns Fund Board is chaired by Marge Falconer, chief executive of the BMI Alexandra hospital. Community consultation, led by the Cheadle Village Partnership, was carried out this summer, garnering 1,200 responses.

Cheadle is also waiting on a decision from MHCLG on the additional £500,000 applied for this summer, which was announced for projects deliverable by March 2021 – Cheadle’s submission included new cycling facilities in the village centre, wildlife projects at Abney Hall Park and a High Street community information point.

The cabinet is asked to endorse the work done so far and authorise officers to support the delivery of the investment plan, taking on board consultation feedback and technical information on property options and viability.

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When there are deprived towns throughout the country to award this money to Cheadle is a joke, couldn’t have anything to do with it being a marginal tory held seat by any chance?

By Anonymous

“Transport is at the root of Cheadle’s case”, yet the best thing they can mention is a single platform railway station. A single platform. One platform. How many trains an hour is that going to provide? There are some basic rules required for urban rapid transit to work – one is that you need a frequency that allows people to just turn up without needing a timetable – a single platform is very unlikely to provide that. People will continue to use cars if the frequencies and reliabilities are not sufficient.


Would you like two platforms to serve a single section of track? I get the feeling one of them would be considered a waste of tax payers money…
The platform is specifically to improve connectivity to Cheadle which it does, not improve a long section of single track which would be much more expensive exercise.

By EODon't

Fantastic news and fingers crossed for Cheadle, which has long deserved a station link to its thriving village and community.

By Peter

This is good news for the area especially with the ever increasing traffic, cant be that hard to do the station infra structure is already their ie the Old Cheadle station adjacent to the garden centre and or to the |North, sidings at the old coal yard, simple!

“Anonymous” What is it with people who don’t live in and around Cheadle their are lots of deprived towns who have already had there bread & water.


Why can’t the station be on Roscoe’s roundabout so that Cheadle Heath residents can access it as well as those in Cheadle? Especially since somuch money has been spend on that roundabout in the past year.

By Anonymous

It’s a fantastic opportunity for Cheadle to find it’s best central transport connections

By Gabriel

Train should stop adswood gatley Wythenshawe Timperley as well

By Art

It’s a single track line, used in both directions, there would be a train every hour, more in rush hour, in either directions for stockport or altrincham, therefore you only need ONE platform, the original station was demolished in early 1900’s due to lack of use .funny how things come around!

By D river.

Deprived towns should not swallow all funding up Anon. Stockport has focussed regeneration / public realm investment in to its deprived areas for years, at what point does it become deserving of more affluent suburbs to see some investment? Manchester has had bucketloads, Stockport Council is obsessed by its town centre, GM satellites are awash with Metrolink investment. All of these safe Labour areas have had spend, but who is Cheadle to rear its head and expect some investment?


metrolink need it

By mark alliance

metrolink have been doing surveys at the old track towards Partington, probably to run trams from Stockport to Partington

By Anonymous

Still no trains linking Bury with Bolton but Home Counties wannabe towns get a station. I suppose Cheadle is not such a culture shock if you get a nosebleed when going North of Barnet.

By Elephant

Cheadle is desperate for a rail connection Gatley and Cheadle Hulme are both well served so why not Cheadle we have a busy hospital and John Lewis and neighbouring offices which would benefit enormously from a rail link best news ever if it goes through

By Anonymous

Those of you who want the train to stop in Adswood and Wythenshawe have no chance these are not tory marginal seats. This is the Government’s idea of levelling up by give money to leafy suburbs so they can hold onto power.

By Monty

Roughly when will we find out the result of the bid?

By Itsy