Taylor Wimpey Garstang Cockerham Road
The application is the first in a proposed 260-home development

Plans lodged for 88 homes at Garstang

Sarah Townsend

Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has submitted an application for a residential scheme off Cockerham Road in Lancashire, which would form part of a wider development of 260 homes in the area.

The proposed development is on land close to Garstang earmarked for housing in the Wyre Local Plan.

Taylor Wimpey’s 88 dwellings include a range of family homes from two-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom homes, with the majority comprising two- and three-bed semi-detached houses – 30% of which would be affordable housing.

The scheme would be known as Cockerham Lane and has been submitted to Wyre Council under the housebuilder’s regional subsidiary, Taylor Wimpey North West.

Ian Harrison, land and planning director at Taylor Wimpey North West, said: “The land is allocated for residential development and included in the Wyre Local Plan; our application forms the first part of this wider development and we have worked hard to ensure that the scheme is tailored to meet the need for new family housing and investment in the area.”

Lichfields is the planning consultant on the scheme. Subject to being granted consent, Taylor Wimpey aims to start on site in the first quarter of 2021.

Nearby, Miller Homes has a 200-home scheme called Beacon Park, outside Catterall, a village on the A6 close to Garstang.

Taylor Wimpey, meanwhile, won planning approval in February to build 195 homes on the site of the former Hartshead High School in Ashton-under-Lyne, and plans to start work at the 15-acre site later this year.

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I am originally from Ambleside, a village near Langdale called Elterwater, had 85%,holiday homes, locals could NOT afford to buy, the new name these days is ‘Affordable Housing’, again, Local people to Garstang will not be able to afford to buy!! But, money talks with councils nationwide, as they all overspend on pointless tasks, a meeting to discuss the next meeting etc…….

By S. Gregory

Please no more houses in this beautiful town. We only moved here for the beautiful countryside and away from the rat race of large communities. Keep Garstang special .

By Anonymous

More houses, yay!! How to turn a nice area into an over developed undesirable place !!!

By Enuff

I say get rid of the existing houses too then there would be even more countryside

By Anonymous

When will planners and local council realise that Garstang is now at full capacity regarding infrastructure and the doctors etc cannot cope with any extra housing it’s time Wyre Council got real and stopped using Garstang as a house building exercise rather than shielding places like Poulton etc from development, there again most of the councillors live in that area!!

By Anonymous

@ Annonymous….Isn’t that the definition of NIMBY? You filled a vacant house up because of the location, now you don’t want anyone else to do the same.

By Allotmentlad

Poulton shielded anon 0944? You are obviously joking. 517 houses being built on Garstang Road East, new developments on Hardhorn Road, off Brockholes Crescent, Holts Lane, and Carr Head Lane, along with behind St. John’s School and 300+ to come located off Blackpool Road in Carleton. There is nowhere else in FY6 left to blight.

By Nicky Wyre

This town is now FULL. It has spread to more than it can cope with. Good luck to you if you need to get into the already overworked doctors.

By Martin Dawson

This is so crazy ,I would like to know who fills all these homes. Our beautiful ,country side ,is no more , lived here for forty years ,and what a mess these estates have created , this has to stop, all the fields are all prone too flooding .what is wrong with the wyre to allow this to happen .we wanted a porch put on our property 30 years ago and got refused.

By Sheila Baines

We do not need any more homes round the Garstang area .

By P G

Unfortunately the township of Garstang is fast becoming a growth area spawning new builds which spoil the area. Sadly the communities secretary allows these developments to destroy the character of what should makes our green belts distinguish the patchwork of city from village and township. Yet another decision by Wyre Council to erode our unique countryside. Future generations will not thank our approval of tacky new build hubs peeling back the fabric of what makes a green and pleasant land. The Calder Lane housing development was a hard fought campaign sadly lost by lax planning regulations

By Vasco de Gama