Plans in for 26-storey Manchester PRS tower

Patrizia UK has submitted a planning application for 624 apartments targeted at the private rented sector, to be built on a three-acre plot at the southern end of First Street.

Designed by Callison RTKL, at its highest the development will be 26 and 24 storeys, with ground floor commercial units surrounded by 35,000 sq ft of landscaped public realm.

The scheme, which was announced in January, will be targeted at young professionals, and will provide a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and duplexes.

The site, known as Plot 8, was previously earmarked for a mixed-use scheme, featuring an office, hotel and car park. A planning application was submitted in 2012 but never progressed.

Deloitte is the planner, Exterior Architecture is designing the public realm, and Cundall is the engineer.

Patrizia will retain the ownership and management of the apartments, as its flagship PRS scheme in Manchester.

The UK arm of Patrizia Immobilien AG bought the 20-acre mixed-use First Street in Manchester in May 2015 from Ask Real Estate. Ask is now the local development partner for the site.

At the time of the purchase Patrizia said it planned to bring forward the development of 1m sq ft of offices at First Street, alongside a PRS development.

The PRS scheme will form the foundation of Patrizia’s plans for a dedicated UK PRS fund.

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They will need to produce something better than that to attract and keep residents long term, given the competition out there for PRS rentals.

By Dubious

Now this is vile and ugly. Anyone who thinks this is better than the Circle Square development proposed last week needs their heads testing. It is however, better than One Greengate.

By AJD1984

Looks like the one on Rochdale road.

By Elephant

Fits in well with the architectural horror that is First Street.

By Gregg

Couldn’t agree more

By Wez

On a key route in to our great City?

By Brian

Brian: yes, its not a great city!

By dreamer

It’s no London Dreamer but it’s the best we have in the North unfortunately.

By Sandi

It looks like a slice of a cotton mill, lacking only a chimney. Grace? Elegance? Style?

By Tony Heyes

That doesn’t make it great

By dreamer

Manchester happens to be in a period of growth, and people are confusing this with it being a great European city. Once the “project” is complete and the main city centre/city fringe sites are built out, what will the legacy be?

The strategy over the last 20 years has been growth at all costs, and has resulted in a city centre that is increasingly miserable to look and live in.

By dreamer

Dreamer is right. This is exactly what happened in the Nineteenth Century,when we had all that money and still managed to build an ugly unlivable place,with a city centre full of slums. We are repeating the same mistakes again. This time instead of grotty red terraces,we are building hideous high rise horrors,which are like those flats they built in the 60s.I wouldn’t mind but if we are having skyscrapers,can we at least have some with a bit of height.This First street development is awful.All that money for a few red and black tiles.

By Elephant

It’s not bad for First Street. That’s meant as a damning indictment.

By Gene Walker

Absolute rubbish, doesn’t compare to Circle Square!

By Dave