Factory High Res

PLANNING | Manchester gives green light to £150m of city centre projects

The first planning committee of 2017 saw a variety of proposals come under the scrutiny of councillors, with the £110m Factory arts centre granted consent, a decision on a Renaker scheme in Castlefield postponed, and a private rented sector block in the Northern Quarter approved.


Factory arts centre

Factory High Res

Developer: Allied London and Manchester City Council

Value: £110m

Architect: Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Capacity: 7,000

Type: Theatre and musical events space at St John’s

In the room: Cllr Joan Davies raised issues about coach drop-offs in the area potentially increasing traffic and running late into the night. The creation of a parking strategy was included within the approval conditions.



Blossom Street, Ancoats

Blossom Street Mulbury

Developer: Mulbury Homes

Value: £35m

Architect: Tim Groom

Height: Eight and seven storeys

Flats: 143

Type: Private rent

In the room: The project sparked debate with objections over the lack of affordable homes, an adverse effect on the conservation area, and questions as to whether it adheres to the recently approved Manchester Residential Design Standards.



2-4 Chester Road, Castlefield


Developer: Renaker Build

Architect: OMI Architects

Height: 21 and 12 storeys

Flats: 188 apartments

Type: Private rent

In the room: A campaign by local residents, led by developer Castlefield Estates, submitted a plea to the council earlier this week that a decision on Renaker’s plans be delayed, pending a site visit. Criticism has centred around the project’s height, and the inclusion of a high which would block views of the historic Basin.

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Great time to be in Manchester..However the Castlefield MIMBYS need to get a grip.If do not like it, go live in the burbs….

By Schwyz

I live in the Suburbs already unfortunatley. But I just don’t want to see what is left of the Castlefield basin area ruined by over development. It is precious area of the city and should be defended accordingly and proposals thoroughly scrutinised.

The architects must know that this is over development if you asked them without the pressure of their clients who must demand how much can we get away with.

As a general point I’m pretty sick of seeing tactical CGI view points of schemes hiding their sins from unsuspecting public, planners and planning committees.

By Optimist

Castlefield is the most attactive part of Manchester city centre and should be protected for all visitors to the city and all residents of the region. It is not about Nimbyism.

Source: scouser.

By Rooney

FYI CGI view points for planning applications are agreed with the planning authority in advance and can’t be dictated by the developer.

By Anonymous

No need for this here. lots of places around the city for high rise, but this aint it!


Typical planning strategy. Go in high and then concede to a lower number of floors. The Developer is then seen to concede and the objectors feel they have achieved something. Let’s hope the Planners are not that gullable

By Stuart

I have some sympathy with the objectors.

Whilst the plot needs to be developed and a contrasting highly contemporary building might work here, I’m not sure this was the right approach.

The problem is the developers aren’t exactly great at public engagement and on the other side of the fence you get the impression the objectors will not be happy unless the site was made into a park or something equally as unrealistic.