First Choice Homes Oldham
First Choice expects to lodge a further application, for the redevelopment of the site, this year

Oldham approves demolition of tower blocks 

Dan Whelan

Housing association First Choice Homes has been granted permission to knock down two 1970s tower blocks in Coldhurst, which would pave the way for part of the firm’s plans to invest £160m to deliver 850 homes in Oldham over the next six years.

A review undertaken by the housing association found that, while there were no safety issues at Crossbank House and Summervale House, they were unpopular with local people and would require maintenance at “a considerable cost” to upgrade them.  

The blocks are now vacant and residents that were asked to move out of the blocks have been rehoused and compensated. 

First Choice Homes Oldham now expects to lodge an application with Oldham Council for the redevelopment of the site, which would include 90 apartments and houses, later this year. 

Fabric Living, First Choice’s housing development arm, would build the homes, which would be delivered over the next six years.  

The project team includes PRP Architects, which designed the scheme, Markhams as employer agent and cost consultant, Whiteley Eaves as principal designer, engineering firm Alan Johnson Partnership, and NJL Consulting as planning consultant. 

Proposals to demolish the blocks, which First Choice owns, have been in the pipeline for almost two years.  

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Crossbank House and Summervale House are nowhere near Coldhurst. They are in Werneth. They became “unpopular” after they housed all the bad apples and junkies in them.

By Anonymous

Good riddance

By Anonymous

Thought Oldham Council own these prperties? When did first Choice but them?

By Jan

This council is knocking down more homes. Than what they are building. Sudden they build on land where they knock down.fittenhill,derker,more.

By Gary Wheeldon

How are they going to fit 850 new homes on that site? Are they demolishing the whole housing estate?

By The old plough

are they gonna re-house all the riff raff to somewhere decent. Its just the same pattern.

By Anonymous

@The old plough, I don’t recall them saying they would build the same amount of homes on the same plot of land. What they are doing is rectifying something that over time we have realised doesn’t work – high density living doesn’t work for social housing. It’s fine (and often sort after) for middle class homes or above. But the main problem with social housing is that these places need constant maintenance and upkeep – not a problem in a private, middle-class residential environment, but a huge problem for cash-strapped councils. The best way to support social housing is in either mixed midrise environments (e.g. a predominantly middle-class apartment with some social housing in the mix) or low density housing – again, as mixed as possible.