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Residents of the 14-storey Skyline Central 1 are said to have paid their own money to remove cladding

Mayor urges action over Skyline cladding snub

Dan Whelan

Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett has asked the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to write to the secretary of state to question the Government’s decision not to fund the removal of unsafe cladding from a local building. 

Residents at the 18-storey Skyline Central 1 off Rochdale Road in Manchester have taken out loans to fund the removal of the cladding, which is almost complete.  

However, the residents of the 248-apartment complex have since been told they will not get their money back, as the building is ineligible for funding from the Government’s £1bn cladding removal fund because the removal work had already started before a funding application was made, according to Dennett. 

A spokesperson for HomeGround, the asset manager of Skyline Central 1 owner Adriatic Land, said it “fully supported” the residents and said it was “not right” that they should be denied funding. 

Meanwhile, work to remove cladding from two blocks in Manchester’s Green Quarter is nearing completion after the developer of the two blocks, Lendlease, agreed to foot the bill. 

Elsewhere, Salford Council has agreed a revised agreement with housing manager Pendelton Together Operating to unlock funding for the removal of unsafe cladding from nine residential blocks. 

Pendleton Together had twice been refused funding from the Government to remediate the blocks before its parent company stepped in with a loan for the work. 

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The mayor of Salford should look outside his window every morning on his block where he lives on Albion towers and LOOK at his own backyard first and get this ball rolling. No point talking about it. It’s been about 1090 days since sadly 72 died .

By Darren born and bred in Salford

I absolutely agree. The residents should not be out of pocket. If MCC signed something off that was unsafe, they should be responsible or recoup from the freeholder/developer.

By Acelius

The law need to change about those who are responsible for things like this. Construction companies doing things on the cheap and cutting corners and selling it on for large profit margins should be responsible. Residents have paid enough already in paying for their property as well as paying ridiculous service charges. The government need to make the right people pay not the residents. Tbh the government should pay up as they are dragging their feet with changing the laws and regulations of sprinklers, cladding and sorting those affected by avoidable disasters Such as Grenfell tower. No one should be taking further loans out or buying unsafe properties and companies getting away with murder and manslaughter and never being brought to justice or responsible for their actions it’s a disgrace I hope the government pull their finger out and make the companies pay soon enough! We are bailing banks out without any question but protecting people’s lives and homes they never pull their finger out. It needs to change and now!!!

By Anonymous

Blame for this, as usual, lies squarely with central government.

It’s THEIR building regs that it appears were so poorly drafted, with so many loop holes who are ultimately at fault for all this. And it’s central government who should put their hands in their pocket to sort it all out, regardless of whether the blocks are publicly or privately owned.

You might argue that if central government weren’t so obsessed with de-regulation and cutting what they call “red tape” to appease big developers and contractors we might never have had the tragedy in the first place.

By Westminster is Dysfunctional

I think if people knew how fragmented the facade supply chain was (and still is) and how that affects the quality and fire integrity of the finished envelope they’d be shocked.

All we here from Government is digital / blockchain / lean construction / etc and we can’t get fire barriers fitted correctly into facade cavities.

By North by North-West

Glad to hear that Westminster is keen to pay for all this, assuming he’s a tax payer. The government doesn’t have any money of its own, it all comes from you and me

By Anon

Dear By Westminister is Dysfunctional: You have identified the root-cause of the problem. And the solution. And yet, the power to change still lies in Westminster. We all know the answer to that problem, and it is not less government, but local democratic government. Property developmoent would boom if local government and developers could work hand-in-glove without being hamstrung by rules and regulation, or a lack of them, dictated by know-nothings in London.

By James Yates