Liverpool in London project extended

Liverpool City council has pledged a further £330,000 to maintain the Liverpool 'embassy' in London until July 2014.

The city's London office opened in January 2011 and has since, says the council, hosted 170 meetings, including visits from several overseas delegations; 26 high-profile events; generated 16 significant investment leads; and around £1m of deals done for its supporters.

Mayor Joe Anderson said: "From a standing start Liverpool in London has been a great success and remains central to our ambition to promote Liverpool as an international outward-looking city brimming with talent and enterprise."

The news comes as Liverpool prepares to meet with an international audience at the City of London Mayor's residence, Mansion House, as part of the government's attempts to win £1bn worth of trade and export deals at a 'Business Olympics'.

Brand communications agency Uniform and market researchers Curiosity Research have reported contracts in excess of £500,000 since joining Liverpool in London, which brings the total business won by members of Liverpool in London to around £1m.

Max Steinberg, chief executive of Liverpool Vision, which operates the London base, said: "Our aim at the start was to increase the city's standing in the capital, to explain and demonstrate how vibrant and dynamic Liverpool is again and to make it easier for the city's businesses to meet key decision makers and create their own business networks.

"Our members are feeling the benefits and seizing the opportunities in the south east and winning big business while enhancing their reputations and that of Liverpool."

In the next few months, Liverpool in London will be holding four high-profile events, as well as four Liverpool in London business club events, membership of which now stands at 280 people, with the next on 11 September.

Membership of Liverpool's London office gives an organisation a London office address, from where they can work, use the meeting facilities and more easily plot an expansion into the London market. The office is supported full-time by Liverpool staff who act as a point of contact and ensure meetings run smoothly. Staff can also provide business connections and invitations to relevant events.

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Another public sector nursing home down in the Smoke! All talk and not much in results for the money spent!

By John brown