Liverpool approves latest primary school expansion

Liverpool City Council has granted planning permission to the £1.5m refurbishment and extension of Dovedale Primary School, the third of five schools being redesigned by K2 Architects for the local authority.

The total size of the school will be 39,000 sq ft, with a 3,000 sq ft extension.

Over recent years the school has experienced oversubscription as the number of young families in the local area has increased. The expansion will take the school from three forms to a four form entry.

In March 2015 the city cabinet committed to addressing the schools problems as part of its primary school basic needs strategy, with an investment of around £14m across the city.

The other primary schools which K2 has been appointed to redesign include St Anne’s and St Cleopas, which are currently on site, while St Silas and Smithdown are due for planning determination next month.

Kevin Horton, director of K2, said: ‘We recognised the challenges that expanding this site presented for the local residents, however we have worked tirelessly with the school’s governance, parents, children and local residents to ensure that our proposals gave the community a school which is now better than ever.”

Kier is the contractor. Flinders Chase provided transport planning advice.

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A culturally significant building with a high level of expectation – please do it justice. Would love to be a part of something so significant !
All the best with the project.

By PMetcalf

What they really need to do is stop people pretending they live in the areas the schools are in by putting relatives addresses as theirs. St Austins in Aigburth is terrible for this. Parents driving from all over the city. Its ridiculous. As is Bishop Eton. Don’t think any of the schools would be oversubscribed then.

By Bob Dawson

Did you get paid to say that P Metcalf?

By Bob Dawson

I love your school

By Olivia