Lidl Jennifer Avenue
The retailer aims to acquire 60 development sites across the country each year

Lidl wants store at St Modwen’s Great Homer Street

Sarah Townsend

The discount supermarket chain is planning its latest regional outlet, a 15,000 sq ft store with associated parking and other facilities on Jennifer Avenue in Liverpool.

The company launched a consultation this week on the plans, which are part of its UK-wide expansion strategy. Lidl hopes to acquire 60 new sites per year for future development, and is looking at town, district, edge of centre or out-of-town locations across the country.

The proposed Liverpool store would occupy a 134,000 sq ft vacant site on the northern side of Jennifer Avenue, as part of developer St Modwen’s Great Homer Street regeneration scheme.

The scheme would include a supermarket, 139 car parking spaces including two rapid electric vehicle charging points, cycle and motorway parking, and a food and drink drive-through with inside and outside seating and a dedicated car park.

The drive-through would not be operated by Lidl. The supermarket itself would have an in-store bakery and customer toilets. The project team includes One Design Architectural Services as the architect, Plan A as the planning consultancy, and Royal Pilgrim, which handles community consultation.

Lidl’s regional head of property Stuart Jardine said: “We are extremely excited about the prospect of opening a Lidl on Great Homer Street and serving our fresh, quality and good value produce that shoppers across the country have come to love, as well as being part of the regeneration of this site.”

Lidl last month unveiled plans for another store in Liverpool, in the Belle Vale area. The company said last year it aimed to invest £1.45bn in expanding its portfolio in in 2019 and 2020.

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Are we supposed to be eternally grateful?


By Michael McDonut

Hope so

By M whit

A Lidl store would be most welcome at Great Homer Street in my opinion. We only have Sainsbury’s and Asda stores locally and a small Aldi. Lidl is good value for money. Our nearest stores are Fazakerley or Kensington (not very nice) and London Road (which isn’t convenient). The area at Jennifer Street has been empty for a long time. Sainsbury’s isn’t somewhere everyone can afford to shop, I think Lidl will do really well there.

By Catherine Seabrooke

Great Homer Street/Scotland Road is looking very lively now. Make sure tree planting is required – the planners missed that one with the Saintsbury’s! The area us now very green and the store should add to that, not detract!

By Red Squirrel

I would like to congratulate Lidl for the single tree they’ve managed to squeeze in between all that asphalt. It will have been a painful first step, but an important first step. Good on you guys, next time let’s go for two!

By Robbin Wood

Terrific, Sainsbos have had it too good for too long, a Lidl will introduce real competition there. The site has been empty for years and this seems to be a good fit. Shame about the solitary tree though, a little more to break up the rather hard lines wouldn’t go amiss.


By Liver lad

@Robbin Wood

The single tree is a CGI placeholder for a semi-permanent sign that says “Covid-19 Testing Station”.

By North by North-West

That’s one more tree than was planted in the car park at Lidl’s London Rd store; thing’s are looking up!

By Lord Canning

yes good idea because I live in Marwood towers over looking the site would just like to say make it look nice we have to look out at it also make assess save for people to go there on foot the traffic at the corner of Jennifer ave at the moment is waiting for a accident TO HAPPEN OR SOMEONE KILLED ON THAT CORNER …

By chris