Lidl Bromborough
The 2.5-acre site is occupied by two buildings that would be demolished under the plans

Lidl returns for third attempt in Wirral

Dan Whelan

The supermarket chain has submitted scaled-back plans for a store off New Chester Road and Caldbeck Road in Bromborough, after two previous submissions were refused by the local council. 

The latest proposal sees the store reduced in size to 20,000 sq ft with a sales area of 13,400 sq ft, 10% smaller than the previous application rejected last year. 

Fronting New Chester Road with access for vehicles via Thursby Road, the development will provide 120 car parking spaces, down from 127 in the scheme’s previous iteration. 

The 2.5-acre site is occupied by two vacant single-storey buildings that would be demolished under the plans. 

In May 2018, Lidl’s first stab at approval was also refused by Wirral Council’s planning committee on the grounds that the company had failed to justify a change of use from employment land to retail space and did not fully demonstrate “that there was no reasonable prospect of the site being used for employment purposes”. 

Last year, the project was refused again for the same reason. 

While a fresh application has now been lodged, Lidl is still awaiting the outcome of an appeal against the second refusal. 

A recent public consultation, held online, showed that 92% of respondents said they supported a new store on the site, according to Lidl. 

Stuart Jardine, Lidl’s regional head of property, said: “The consultation has once again confirmed that we have strong community support for a new store on this site.   

“Our plans will bring this derelict site back in to use and create up to 40 new full- and part-time jobs for local people in the process.” 

The planning consultant for the project is Southport-based Plan A. One Design is the architect. 

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Wow that car park looks desolate. It’s not ok to keep creating deserts of black tarmac. Even Lidl need to provide trees and planting in their car parks.

By Anonymous

Hope Lidl get the planning permission this time. Third time lucky.

By Jan Waugh

Wake up council .give the green light and think of the future .

By Annonymous

Really hope Lidl get it this time. Be good to use the derelict property filled again. Be good for local jobs too,

By A local resident

Give permission we need jobs short and long term Lidl will provide both and help regenerate after Covid-19

By Anonymous

Can you imagine the traffic congestion especially at Christmas. What about all the trees that will be destroyed. Theres enough food shops locally without more being added.

By Gilly

How many superstores do we need ! not to mention the Congestion .

By Anonymous

I think it is a wasted opportunity if this planning application does not go ahead. The land in which the proposed Lidl site will be on has not been used for years and is an eyesore. It will also give residents a choice of food stores whereas at the moment Asda and M & S hold a monopoly.

By Sue Hull

Lidl/Aldi create jobs. How many local small retailers have been shut down and how many jobs lost to supermarkets. Lidl/Aldi and co. mean not job gains but job losses. And those without cars lose their neighborhood shops. No more children going to the corner shop. No more neighborhood chats. No more personal service. No more old folks walking to the shops. Has nobody noticed this destruction of neighborhoods. Of course, they have. Fast bucks rule our lives. Don’t be fooled again.

By James Yates

It’s all about choice and competition. LIDI and ALDI are much cheaper than the big supermarkets. Also 40 jobs are being created.

By Darren born bred Salford

Blimey, that looks bleak. The obsession for a race to the bottom has though been established, with the void in the lives of those desperate for this type of store seemingly being filled by this proposal. Sad times.

By Andy Liddle

That is one reason for visuals, to show whats planned. When its so obvious that no concern has been made for the immediate environment then refuse it. Its not acceptable that the developer ignores the people and surroundings. For a couple of hours, and some schedules the costs and benefits could be demonstrated, thats BIM.

By BIMinitiative

This site has been desolate for years with dangerous buildings and is not a good advertisement for the Croft estate in general. It looks like Lidl have put a bit of effort into their proposal and having seen some of their modern outlets I think this will be a very welcome addition to the area and will enhance the area to all retailers benefit .

By Dave

Maybe they’ll give it the grey light looking at that visual

By Anonymous