Gridserve Electric Forecourt 2 At Wirral International Business Park In Bromborough, Gridserve, P Gridserve
CGI rendering of the proposed Bromborough Electric Forecourt from Gridserve. Credit: via Gridserve

Large EV charging station planned for Wirral

Julia Hatmaker

Capable of fully charging 36 cars simultaneously within 20 to 30 minutes, the Bromborough Electric Forecourt from Gridserve would provide a green alternative to getting around.

A planning application has been submitted for the scheme, following the conclusion of public consultation. But the concept is not new. Gridserve has delivered a similar scheme in Braintree.

The Bromborough proposal calls for an 8,730 sq ft amenity building complete with a coffee shop and a convenience store. There would also be what Gridserve describes as “an airport-style lounge with high-speed internet”. That lounge would double as an education centre to inform the public about electric vehicles.

Continuing the green agenda, the amenity building would have solar panels on its roof capable of generating up to 73 kilowatts. Other sustainable features include using energy-efficient LED lighting and recycled greywater to flush toilets.

For those concerned about energy use, Gridserve said that it would offset the energy used at its forecourts by delivering energy to the national grid from its solar hybrid farms located across the country.

Gridserve Electric Forecourt 3 At Wirral International Business Park In Bromborough, Gridserve, P Gridserve

Plans for the electric forecourt include an 8,730 sq ft amenity building. Credit: Gridserve

Gridserve also said that its electricity would be competitively priced, thanks to investments it is making in grid infrastructure.

Toddington Harper, chief executive officer and founder of GRIDSERVE, said: “By developing this state-of-the-art Electric Forecourt® in Bromborough, we’ll be supporting Wirral Council, local residents, and the UK as a whole to tackle air pollution, encourage low-carbon transport, and meet climate targets, while also offering a solution that’s future-proofed to support the mass uptake of electric vehicles.

“Bromborough is in the unique position of being at the forefront of over 100 sites across the UK to host a GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt®. Every site will be supporting the grid with on-site batteries and supplied by solar energy. With convenient, dependable, ultra-fast charging, we’re making charging an EV as easy as using petrol stations, with the best possible customer experience.”

If approved, the Bromborough Electric Forecourt would be located at the Old Hall entrance to Wirral International Business Park, off New Chester Road.

Those looking to learn more about the scheme can still explore its consultation website at

Gridserve Electric Forecourt At Wirral International Business Park In Bromborough, Gridserve, P Gridserve

The electric forecourt would have 36 EV charging points. Credit: Gridserve

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Never had a problem with a Gridserve charging point, the sort of reliable supplier we need to enable the mass transition to EVs. Good luck to them.

By BLS Bob

Get it built yesterday .

By Webster