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The site is one of five regeneration areas earmarked for investment by the council

JV readies application for £250m Bolton scheme

Dan Whelan

Bolton Regeneration, a joint venture between Beijing Construction Engineering Group International and Midia, has drawn up plans for its £250m regeneration of Crompton Place Shopping Centre and is preparing to submit them to the council.

The project, known as Bolton Victoria Square, is one of five regeneration areas earmarked for a total £1.5bn of investment by the council and its partners to improve the town over the next decade.

Designed by architect Chapman Taylor, Bolton Regeneration’s plans for the site include a 110-bedroom hotel, 150 homes, an 80,000 sq ft office, and a mixed-use retail, leisure, dining and events space dubbed Bolton Works, alongside improved public realm. The scheme would be named Bolton Victoria Square.

Bolton Council acquired the 280,000 sq ft site in June 2018 for £14.8m from Santander Pension Fund.

Hive Land & Planning is the planning consultant for the project.

Victoria Square Bolton Hotel

The proposed 110-bedroom hotel

Steven Turner, director of Bolton Regeneration, said: “We received an overwhelmingly positive response from the public and believe this development meets the needs of the local community and visitors alike while stimulating long-term economic growth for the town centre and wider borough.”

Justin Cove, director at Hive Land & Planning, added: “This is an exciting time for Bolton. Bolton Victoria Square sits in the heart of the town centre and aligns with the wider aspirations for the town. If approved, it will completely transform Bolton…[by] creating new working, living and social spaces to kickstart the regeneration of the town and build momentum for delivering long-term change.”

Other pipeline schemes in Bolton include Beechline’s £55m Trinity Gateway project and an 87-bedroom hotel at Bolton Le Mans; a £150m scheme to revamp Church Wharf, which is being delivered by Muse Developments, and a 200-home, £27.5m residential scheme on the Central Street car park, proposed by Placefirst.

Last week, the council unveiled plans to create a “digital city” around Blackhorse Street, and said it was exploring a number of joint venture options to deliver the project.

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Bolton town centre needs this, the place has been run down for years and outside the market hall its a dump. There are some nice buildings in the town Centre as well this investment is desperately needed.

By Jon P

It is needed but classical echoes would be better than meccano inspired buildings

By Tony Heyes

Completely agree, there should be at least some classical parts to the new building on the square…although I don’t mind the new building

By Tyler

The town centre is dying.small retailers need help.Bolton council are destroying this famous town.

By Chris Stokes

The Town Hall was featured in the Netflix programme The Stranger recently and it looked magnificent. It is such a shame that the council have allowed a shanty town to be built around it. Bolton has suffered from middle class abandonment in a way no other GM town has. It is a depressing indictment of poor local management.

By Elephant

Bolton needs to stop trying to be a mini Manchester and focus on being a commuter town. It’s over, the industry is not coming back, create a pleasant place and give people a reason to visit and live there. Getting rid of an old market and turning it into a.n.other shopping center just as markets are making a comeback gives an idea of the level of thinking.

By Loganberry

Bolton has so much potential. There’s a large population and catchment area, and money is flowing back from Manchester as a lot of the town’s residents now work there in relatively well paid jobs.

Yes mistakes have been made, but these plans and the wider regeneration of the town centre look very impressive. Lets hope things start to progress quickly.

By Anonymous

But Loganberry, they’re not getting rid of a market – they’re getting rid of an Arndale shopping centre, which has no shops in it!

By Anonymous

Dont mind the new stuff ,but its a disgrace to demolish lots of the older buildings YMCA in particular,is a fine example of the type of building that should be left as is and modernised,,along with numerous other buildings of that ilk

By N Buckley.

Anon, they GOT rid of the old market and turned it into a poor mans arndale, and are now getting rid of the empty arndale for something else. Meanwhile loads of old local traders lost their stalls and Bolton missed a chase to have something interesting to draw people there. It’s a lack of vision and forward thinking that is dragging the place backwards and a big block of flats and a hotel slap bang in the middle of the town is not the answer.

By Loganberry

Loganberry is saying what a lot of people in and around Bolton are doing with their feet. Bury has taken a lot of the custom the ‘old’ market had and without that influx of albeit ‘not so loaded’ clientele the footfall has disappeared. Without the footfall, even your high end retailers are not going to survive. Bolton’s problem was all the infrastructure stuff like parking, buses, traffic flow and lack of trams and decent public transport from the outlying towns….now you’ve got Beijing coming in, I fear for the towns last vestiges of integrity.

By bezza