The 80,000 sq ft site is earmarked for development under the First Street masterplan but is currently vacant.

HOME to create outdoor venue at First Street 

Dan Whelan

Homeground, a temporary events space off Medlock Street and Hulme Street in Manchester, is to feature a 400-person theatre, food and drink stalls and a music venue. 

The 80,000 sq ft site is earmarked for development under the First Street masterplan but is currently vacant. 

Proposals for Homeground have been drawn up by HOME, the gallery, events venue and cinema that opened at First Street in 2015, alongside Decordia Events. 

It is scheduled to open on 28 May and the first performances will be musical productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alice in Wonderland. 

“As we start to emerge from the strangest year many of us have ever experienced, arts and culture play a vital role in the recovery of the country,” said Dave Moutrey, HOME’s director and chief executive. 

“We all want to bring a sense of hope and joy back to our communities, and to provide more opportunities for an artistic freelance sector decimated by the pandemic.” 

Traders already confirmed for the venue include Black Market Espresso, pizza stall Basilico, cocktail maker Wolf to the Door, and Tibetan Kitchen. 

The venue will also stage performances by partners including the Frog & Bucket comedy club, Contact and Trans Creative, as well as music, cabaret and comedy. 

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By excellent

Prime opportunity for a park around here. I’m not talking about a garden-sized plot reserved for greenery amongst acres of buildings and concrete, I’m talking about a significantly sized open, green space. The development in this area is fantastic and will provide lots of ‘life’, but the city needs room to breath, and spots like this are just becoming over-developed.

Can’t the council buy up plots of land such as this and create some small sanctuarys in the city?

By The Squirrel's Nuts

Hulme Park is about 200 yards away! (just off the bottom of the photo)

By Anonymous

This sounds like an excellent idea – anything that helps the recovery of the arts sector in a creative and safe way (such as this outdoor venue) should be supported. I can’t wait to visit when it opens!

By Jen Potter, Luma Marketing

Good shout about Hulme Park, but therein lies the problem with Mancunian Way – we have a park close to the city core, but have motorway in between!

By Rich X

Hulme is the wrong side of the tracks for many people, they’re scared of it.