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Harrow developer proposes Piccadilly block

Consultancy Ethical Partnership has submitted plans for the redevelopment of 43-47 Piccadilly Gardens in central Manchester, proposing a part-nine and part-ten storey building on behalf of Trafalgar Leisure.

The site is the corner plot at the foot of Lever Street, next to Wetherspoons. There is currently a newsagent at the front of the 47 building, while the 43-45 plot is vacant – the only such plot fronting Piccadilly Gardens.

Both plots stretch to Back Piccadilly and sit within the Stevenson Square Conservation Area. Outline consent was granted in 2006 for a scheme designed by Hodder Associates for previous owner KMJ.

The scheme has been designed by architect Stuart Palmer of Harrow-based Trafalgar. The front part of the three-storey 47 building will be retained as part of the scheme, with new build to the rear, replacing the disused warehouse currently in situ. At ten storeys, this will be the taller part of the building, opening onto a roof terrace over the building at the 43-45 plot.

Trafalgar’s proposal is for retail and leisure at basement, ground and first floors and offices on the upper storeys in what will amount to a 50,000 sq ft building, with the upper floors cantilevering out over Piccadilly and Lever Street.

The listing of 47 Piccadilly in 1994 also led the previous site owner to include it in plans. Trafalgar’s planning statement notes that while respect will be paid to the building’s status, “it makes a very limited aesthetic contribution, for in its altered state the aesthetic value of both the exterior and interior is significantly compromised. It is also incongruous in the streetscape of Piccadilly, since the buildings that surround it are of much greater scale and presence”.

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About time something was built here. Not sure about the design though

By David

Like everything else (exceptions please?) being built in Manchester city centre, the design is terrible.

This will get approved.

By Hugh

A truly incongruous design. The overhang over the footway will just encourage rough sleeping and a place for begging – as other similar developments have elsewhere. With no rain to naturally flush the streets of the pee/vomit.
The design gives nothing back to the city and the floor to ceiling corner glazing means occupiers may get views of Piccadilly, but pedestrians will see the desks, rubbish bins, copiers and other mess of an office. A clunky unfinessed proposal. Back Piccadilly made less safe by not addressing it as a handy cut through for residents and cyclists avoiding the clutter & zombie spice users on Piccadilly itself.

By MetroMark

Possibly the worst proposal for a new building in Manchester that I have seen in recent years. Complements the Piccadilly ‘Berlin wall’ wonderfully. The overhanging upper stories that disrespect the building lines and the non descript corner is a crime against planning.

By Steve

Looks older and grimmer than some of the already existing buildings in the area – hardly prime real estate.

By NQ Resident

Gosh this one is a clunker. Incongruous indeed – the fenestration really jars on this corner site. Almost makes the upcoming Vinoly apartments in Ancoats/New Islington seem like a masterpiece!


It looks like that shell that has finally just got demolished next to the ring road near Princess Parkway!!! Dreadful.

By Thumbs Down

Something is needed there as empty for far too long, but do not like the look of this..

By Schwyz

This is the worst building in human history! It’s going to ruin my life!

By Hyperbole

But…but…it’s style complements the local street-level ambience perfectly…aggressive and occasionally threatening.

By Lloyd Hitchmough

One of the worst buildings of all time… in one of the most visible spots in Manchester :D

By Shambles

In its defence, the published image really probably doesn’t do it full justice but it brilliantly manages to look like an un-finished building.

The form is awful-I recall there used to be a similarly shaped building in Margate affectionately know locally as ‘coffin corner’… It was demolished..

Don’t like it. I think the design needs a re-think.

By Adam Ash

This building is certainly in the top 5 worst things ever in the history of the universe. Worse than the plague. Everyone involved should be publically flogged, hard,until they issue a fulsome apology.

Basically my life is utterly destroyed thanks to this building,

By SSC cladding geek