Halton Widnes Leisure Centre

Halton to agree £20m funding deal for Widnes leisure centre

Charlie Schouten

The council’s executive is to sign off a £20m funding package to build a leisure centre at Moor Lane, Widnes, with Wates lined up as main contractor.

The leisure centre will act as a replacement for the existing facility at Kingsway, and is set to include a swimming pool, a gym with capacity for 100 people, a six-court sports hall, café and social space, studios, and health consultation rooms.

It has been in the council’s pipeline since 2018, when Halton commissioned contractor Wates to undertake a feasibility study on delivering a new 50,000 sq ft leisure centre.

This is to be built next to the Alexandra industrial estate off Moor Lane, and bordered by Ellis Street and Witt Road. It is currently used as a bus depot and for a car hire provider.

Wates was enlisted via Scape’s major works framework and has drawn up the proposals with Ellis Williams Architects and Ramboll; the council’s executive has been recommended to continue to work with Wates to develop the proposals, rather than reprocuring the scheme once funding is signed off.

The leisure centre is expected to take around three years to deliver with handover expected in October 2022.

An initial budget of £18.8m has been set aside, but a further £1.2m has been added to include the acquisition of a small parcel of land at the site, as well as the costs of relocating the existing bus depot and Enterprise car hire centre.

Halton Council will fund the project through borrowing, and has been recommended to sign off the proposals at a meeting later this week.

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Any squash courts?

By Clegg

Will it be a desperately needed 50 metre pool

By Catherine

Build a 50 mtr pool we need more in North West

By Paula

What’s happening to the existing complex.

By Stephen Middlehurst

Does Widnes need another Leisure Centre when we have Frank Mylers centre. Need something for the youths of today that will not cost them a fortune to access.

By Julie noon

Ty junk some council houses are needed more

By Valerie

Think some council houses should be built before this!!!!!

By Valerie

Thought the Council was short of money ? Not much wrong with the old one. No squash courts which are very popular currently. What type of borrowing ? Surely not PFI !!!

By Phil

Save money and refurb existing. Squash courts are essential either way.

By Robert

What is happening with the leisure centre and baths on kingsway ? And what are you doing with the land where the old police station was ?

By Neil clare

Well done Halton. Just a pity everything takes time. Can’t believe the negative comments. Our young people need this.

By Linda Briscoe

will there be any facilities for disable people to use facilities with in the centre ,

By Peter Joyce

Suppose council tax will go up.we need council houses more.

By Evie

What about Runcorn?

By Mary

It mentions the bus garage and car hire place in the plans? Both oppersite sides of the road, will there be a revamp of the road networks if and when this gets built ?

By Barry

I hope this is going to be an affordable place for everyone in widnes to go.

By Julie Walker

O look widnes get something again while runcorn is left in the ice age

By Keith

Must also include squash courts. Always popular and requires little maintenance.

By Joey

At last’ a 50 meter pool’ fantastic .
Now Olympic training can take place in our great town

By Mick

Kingsway has eight lane pool used by swim clubs for competitions, will the new centre have same?

By Al

Need an Olympic size pool, proper fitness centre, dance studio, disabled friendly. Cafe.

By Kagcee

Why haven’t any squash courts been included in your plans?

By Mark Karaski

What about building new schools in widnes

By Anonymous

Surely it would be better and cheaper for a cash strapped council to refurbish the existing leisure centre.
However if there is to be a new centre I cannot understand why there are no squash courts included.

By Neal Davison

This should be called Widnes The Fitness

By Active Travel Trev

Very welcome news and can’t come soon enough, Kingsway baths at the moment is a disgrace. I want to go swimming but I don’t like to while its like it is

By K keeble

the bus depot they mean is a coach garage on alexanda street not halton transport garage

By Anthony Mcdonnell

The council wanna start paying its nurses the wages they are entitled too before building any leisure centre! My wife is 4 shifts short paid this month

By Jack Kelly

Is Runcorn not part of Halton anymore?

By Heather

Why not make it into a sensory play area for autistic children which includes special needs changing areas,cafe,etc..or a shop which sells special needs buggies…no they just want another rubbish leisure centre how pathetic.As a mum to an autistic child runcorn and widnes are lacking anything for them round here.

By Donna

How wonderful people will be able to get fit so they can jog to work because there will be no bus service , get a grip HBC there are enough gyms we don’t need anymore, as the public what we do need

By Annie

I can think of better ways to spend our money ..we have loads of gyms in Widnes …gyms and charity shops ..We need better bus services you’ve just lost Halton buses ..WHY if there is this money going spare

By Joyce White

They should reopen a crèche again. I used it regularly for years but once they closed it I had to cancel my membership as a lot of others I knew did too.

By Anonymous

What a waste of money and crap being built.. get some houses sorted and refurb the rest of Widnes/Runcorn.

And in other news “Halton” bus company going bust..

By Halton

Why does Widnes get it all and we just get coffee shops in Runcorn. Heard Runcorn swimming pool closing and the funding of it going to this leisure centre in Widnes.

By Ange

We need buses rather than gyms and cafes!!

By Gary Broad

It’s not more gyms we need people will be getting free exercise all the walking they will be doing if they’re able with no buses at all in some areas of Widnes.

By G, Lenton

Is this why the buses have gone? ‍♀️ There’s a huge amount of space next to the existing one, surely that would cost less?

By Anonymous

Pay off the gateway debt and perhaps we could have FREE crossings instead !!

By Anonymous

What about Runcorn we should have never brought the jubilee bridge as Widnes get everything and never paid a penny for the jubilee bridge that’s why it was called the Runcorn and Widnes bridge

By Runcorn

It would be fantastic if Runcorn Residents could be treated as well as Widnes. We are the poor relations. Runcorn baths is closing while rusty radiators are replaced. Widnes gets a new leisure centre. Please be fair with all Halton residents and council tax payers.

By Runcorn mum

All we have in Runcorn Old Town is hairdressers, barbers, takeaways and charity shops. Surely to ask for the public baths in the old town is not too big an ask. Let our children and future generations enjoy swimming.

By Busy mum Runcorn