Congleton Traffic
The £90m road is designed to alleviate heavy congestion around the town centre

Graham picked for £90m Congleton link road

Cheshire East Council has chosen contractor Graham to deliver the £90m Congleton Link Road, a 5.5km highway running between the A534 to the west of the town to the A536 to the north, with construction set to start later this year.

The project has been in gestation since 2012, but has picked up pace this year after the Government signed off compulsory purchase order powers to Cheshire East to assemble the land for its construction.

The 5.5km road will run from the A534 Sandbach Road to the west through to A536 Macclesfield Road, north of the town centre, to alleviate congestion across the area.

The proposals have been through a public enquiry since May last year, and the council received a number of fixed-price tenders since the project was first advertised in February this year.

Following the approval of CPO powers and the appointment of Graham as main contractor, a full business case will be submitted to the Department for Transport for funding.

Subject to approval of this business case, construction could start in November with the road open to traffic by late 2020.

The scheme is backed by £45m of Growth Fund money, £23m from developers, and £22m from the council. The road has been designed by engineer Jacobs.

Two road bridge crossings and two underpasses will be built as part of the scheme, which will feature the council said would feature “comprehensive mitigation and conservation measures to protect great crested newts, bats, other wildlife and ancient woodland.”

Cllr Don Stockton, cabinet member for environment at Cheshire East, said: “The Congleton Link Road represents another major highways scheme in the ongoing programme of infrastructure development across the borough. This will help to unlock and support further economic growth, new investment and jobs and business opportunities for the area.”

Leo Martin, manging director of Graham’s civil engineering arm, said: “This strategically important scheme will bring long-term benefits to the Congleton community.

“This is a real coup for us and we are relishing the prospect of working with Cheshire East Council on this important project that will bring economic and social regeneration to the town and the Congleton area.

“We appreciate that traffic has been a considerable challenge in the town and the link road will serve to vastly reduce congestion.”

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I know Graham. He can make short work of a pint but I think he’d struggle building a whole link road by himself.

By Lin

Great. Let’s just get on quickly and build this badly needed link road. We must remove the traffic and traffic pollution from our town. The congestion is putting people off coming to Congleton and the pollution must be causing so many health problems and possibly deaths through respiratory problems. No more delays please. Let us get this road built to enhance the health of the people of Congleton and bring prosperity to the town.

By Trevor Massey

You have to evil kenievel to get through the traffic now

By Darren

Sadly this road stops short at the Sandbach road, and should continue to the Newcastle road (A34). Anyone travelling to or from Stoke/Newcastle will still drive though the town.

By Barry Oakes

@BarryOakes. Correct, people using the a34 from staffordshire would still go through the town or turn off and head on a rat race to get to the link road. The council performed a survey of traffic and concluded that extending the road to the south a34 would increase the cost so much for so little respite after lots of the traffic has already been diverted meant it would be too costly. Anyway, in 10 years there will be a congleton south road along the lines of astbury as there is too much good land for houses. Plus Brexit will end lots of the farms so lots of free land

By Barry A