Congleton Link Road

Government signs off CPO process for £90m Congleton link road

The Department for Transport has given Cheshire East Council the green light to start construction of the £90m A536 Congleton Link Road by signing off compulsory purchase and side road orders.

The 5.5km highway will link the A534 Sandbach Road west of Congleton to the A536 Macclesfield Road, north of the town centre, and is designed to alleviate congestion across the area.

The proposals have been through a public enquiry since May last year, and the DfT has now signed off the compulsory purchase order powers and side road orders to allow Cheshire East to assemble the land for construction.

The project is currently out to tender, with the council receiving a number of fixed-price tenders in February this year. These will be assessed based on price and deliverability, with a winning contractor expected to be named later this year.

Following the approval of CPO powers by the DfT, a full business case will be submitted once a contractor has been chosen by Cheshire East’s cabinet. This will allow construction to begin in November this year, and the road is due to complete in late 2020.

Cheshire East added it would look to meet with local landowners to purchase land by agreement “if possible”, rather than using CPO powers.

Planning for the road has been ongoing since 2012, and the project will be funded via a combination of Local Growth Fund money, contributions by private developers, and Cheshire East council.

This will be made up of £45 Growth Fund Money, £23m from developers, and the remaining £22m from the council.

The road has been designed by Jacobs.

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it needs to join up with the A34 because the country lanes around brownlow will be used as main roads by drivers coming from and going to the stoke area causing chaos

By s wiltshaw

It needs to join up with the Newcastle Road, south of the town near Astbury Village. Otherwise it will be chaos on Padgbury Lane particularly when the New housing estate is completed. HOW SHORT SIGHTED CAN THE COUNCIL OFFICIALS BE ?

By McCauley

About time too.

By M.swift

It was the same when they did the Wilmslow bypass and left out Alderley Edge which is a right bottle neck especially in peak times..

By Jackie Carter

It’s about time to

By Grumpy

It will never happen to much flapping about

By Curly Molloy

They need to do a better job of selecting contractors and time managing the project than they, and Stockport to be fair) did on the Manchester airport link road. Still not complete and over a year late!

By JAG14

About time!
I was being to to think I would never see it in my lifetime.
The council need to do a proper job now and not make any more massive mistakes as in the recent past.

By N Imber.

about time!!

By julie

not before time, the roads are full of potholes nice to have a new one ,


Why is it you find money for this Link Road yet you are leaving people in certain areas of Macclesfield without buses on Friday evening’s and no buses on Sundays

By Ann

Its way over due. This link road should be complete now If improving air quality was a priority. The sheer volume of houses been built in the already congested Lowerheath area where the pollution exceeds UK limits is beyond belief. No more houses should be built until this addressed. The health and well being of the residents are blatently disregarded. This is evident in the councils deliberate manipulation of the air quality data which they are currently being invedtigated by the cheshire police.

By Anonymous

The new road does not need to be connected to the A34 Newcastle Road as this will only cause more congestion in Scholar Green and Butt lane a few miles further on, far better the south bound traffic head to Arclid cross roads turn left onto the A50 and head for Newcastle or Stoke from that direction avoiding the built up area’s and speed restriction roads! adjoining the same road at Talke cross roads.

By Freddy Boulton