Former Liverpool regeneration boss ‘taking a break’

Michael Hunt

John Kelly, formerly chief executive of regeneration for Liverpool City Council, has said he is enjoying a period of rest after he stepped down from his position in August.

Kelly is currently weighing up his options since he accepted a voluntary severance package from the city council.

He told Place he was offered work immediately but declined to name the organisation.

John KellyKelly said: "I was offered something straight away but after working full pelt for 25 years I really wanted a break, so I'm taking time out and not jumping into anything.

"After working full speed for these amounts of years, I didn't want to rush into anything. I could be returning to a local government position or something different, but I haven't decided.

"I left Liverpool City Council because I'd been there for ten years and thought it was not only a time for change for me but also a need for a change for the council and the council is changing.

"With the current financial economy, local authorities have to change drastically and the city council has a budget situation.

"What mattered more than any difference of opinion is what direction the council is going but I was not unhappy about the way the council was being restructured, I just felt I needed a change.

"A scheme was offered to all staff earning over £40,000 until the end of August. It was on offer to all the chief executives, assistant chief executives and city treasurer and I decided to accept the early severance being offered."

Kelly joined Liverpool City Council as assistant executive director of regeneration in 2000 and six years later became the executive director of regeneration. He left his position on Tuesday 31 August and held a private leaving reception last Friday within the Town Hall's Ballroom, where he was joined by colleagues to celebrate his ten years working for the city council.

Kelly added: "Seeing the physical regeneration of Liverpool was a particular highlight for me and personally being involved with the development of the cruise liner terminal, Liverpool One, Liverpool Science Park, European Capital of Culture, the Great Homer Street district centre, the Edge Lane scheme, and the planning application for the new Anfield development, are all good memories to take away."

Following Kelly's departure, Liverpool City Council and Knowsley Council entered a unique arrangement to share Knowsley's executive director of regeneration, Nick Kavanagh, in a temporary move for six months.

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Good luck John, at least you will get to enjoy some Spurs games while you decide what to do!

By council friend

Good luck in the future John and thank you for the good job you and your team did for Liverpool. Now the Chiefs have gone the Indians are next on the list.

By An Indian