Mayfield Park

First phase of £1.1bn Mayfield moves forward

A planning application for the first phase of the project next to Manchester’s Piccadilly station will be submitted this summer, featuring a central park, 90,000 sq ft of offices, and a multi-storey car park.

The 30-acre site covers the former Mayfield station and depot on Fairfield Street, which has been largely under-used for decades.

Due to be submitted to Manchester City Council in the summer, the first phase of development will include a central park, focussed on the River Medlock, which runs through the site. Also included is an eight-storey office of 90,000 sq ft, and a 550-space multi-storey car park on Baring Street.

Public consultation will take place next month; events will take place at the Mayfield Depot on Friday 10 May and Saturday 11 May between 12pm and 7pm; while there will be further events on 17 May at Medlock Primary School, and in Piccadilly Gardens on 18 May.

The wider site could provide 1,500 homes, a 650-bedroom hotel, retail, and leisure space, as well as more than 800,000 sq ft of offices.

Studio Egret West is the overall masterplanner for Mayfield; landscape architect for Mayfield Park; and is preparing the detailed application for the first phase multi-storey car park. Bennetts Associates is the architect for the first office building.

Subject to planning consent, work could start later this year. The site is being developed by the Mayfield Partnership, made up of LCR, Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, and developer U+I.

Richard Upton, deputy chief executive at U+I, said: “At the heart of our vision is the creation of a world class and socially inclusive neighbourhood which will attract businesses, residents and visitors, all drawn by the quality and vibrancy of the environment we are creating.

“We look forward to sharing our detailed proposals with the people of Manchester in May this year and I know from the conversations I have had with many people over the last two years there is a great deal of excitement about what Mayfield will deliver for our city.”

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This is a good day

By York Street

Why is there a park – I know Officially MCC and the developer are really keen to deliver some non-productive space for people to enjoy, but Realistically, what is the reason: is it contaminated or have other engineering/development constraints (e.g. levels, habitats?).

Its great, but not exactly in-keeping with the usual MO of city centre development in Manchester so it would seem to me that there must be a commercial reason.

By Let's Be Honest

Let’s – My guess is that it’s a combination of issues including: flood risk – there’s a brook running through that part of the site that will need space around it to accommodate future flooding events and climate change allowances; design – in that good quality open space adds value to the development around it; and policy – there will be a requirement to include some open space to serve a new residential population of the scale proposed. All compelling reasons, particularly in a city centre that has comparatively little green space.

By May Field

good news. looks like the site is being cleared already

By Jonny

Shows where we are when people are surprised and scepical to the reason why there is green space included in the mixed use development vs the concrete jungle we are creating in the rest city. A positive move but we need more green space and pubic realm at the heart of districts and zones as the city expands and grows.

By Matthew Crimes

This looks ace.
And yes to more green space all over the city!

By Pink Panther

The park will need security as after all this isn’t Leeds were talking about here

By Jim

Deloitte is planning consultant.

By Breaking News.........

The park will be privately managed. There’s no way he Council will take on another public space to look after!

By Steve

Where’s Leeds City Centre park Jim?

By Loganberry

Who owns the site? Is this going to be another pseudo public space?

By Anonymous