Everton Library

Council invites bids for Everton Library

Liverpool City Council has published a notice seeking expressions of interests from individuals, community organisations, small builders and other organisations interested in redeveloping Everton Library for community or commercial use.

In particular, the local authority said, it wishes to encourage local community-driven proposals.

The council is holding a drop-in session for interested parties, to be held at the Brickfield Centre on 28 February between 10am and noon, and 3pm and 6pm.

Submissions are requested before 7 March, with those interested required to give illustrated outline plans, evidence of experience and details of financial backing as well as a financial offer.

The city council owns the freehold to the Beacon Lane site and intends to dispose of the building on a 125-year lease, conditional on the buyer securing full planning consent.

Needing to continue a programme of cuts, the council said last year that it cannot contribute to a project it estimates will cost £5m.

Hotelier Signature Living held talks with the council over the building last year, with owner Lawrence Kenwright speaking of his plans to create facilities including a library, youth centre and training space at the grade two-listed building.

Place understands that no formal process was ever entered into, and that Signature remains welcome to enter its bid

Everton Library was designed by architect and Liverpool city surveyor Thomas Shelmerdine, completing in 1896 and remaining open as a library until 1999 – it has been unused since 2002.

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One of the loveliest buildings in Liverpool – the detailing is just delightful. Here’s hoping a productive use can be made for it which doesn’t make a call on the public purse.

A hotel training school perhaps? Oh, hang on…

By Sceptical

Spent many a time in there as schoolboy, lovely building inside too. If it is to be used as a community resource facility, the dreaded funding word always crops up.Hopefully a viable solution can be found to preserve this gem.

By Anonymous

Everton is coming on! Everton Park has now matured and there’s a ‘spring’ in the air as you climb the hill. Great Homer Street is unrecognisable with all the new shops, and there’s lots more activity and flats on Fox Street. Kirkdale over the way from the old Everton Library is looking more like Chester in parts with all the new housing. Even Scotland Road is showing new shoots and then you’ve got the new Anfield round the corner. Perhaps the time for Everton Library has come! It truly is a lovely building.

By Roscoe

I am one of life’s optimists, despite my moniker, but even I struggle to conflate Kirkdale with Chester, @Roscoe.

Love the chutzpah, though.

By Sceptical

I’m sure Signature would do fine job here but they should be made to finish their other schemes first.

By Mark

Yes, most of Kirkdale is quite run down. But have you walked round the new housing at the town end of Stanley Road? It’s very good, keeps to the old street pattern, respects the character and is of a standard better than a lot of the new developments in Chester.

By Roscoe

Please please let this be made into something great for the area! I grew up in Everton and there is always a bit of a downer on it from other parts. Its noteworthy – that although Everton Park is no Calderstones by any stretch of the imagination I don’t believe there was any opposition when part of Everton Park was taken for housing. It should not happen anywhere.
It is a fantastic beautiful building and if in another part of the city it would be looked after- and we need to hold onto it. With its proximity to Anfield and Goodison and the city centre I think a training hotel would be a lovely idea especially as Liverpool is a tourist destination.

By Lizzy Baggot

The whole area around Everton Park should be high density European style apartment blocks. The views and amenity of it, closeness to the city centre, and many forgotten Victorian gems like this library could make for one potentially amazing neighbourhood.

By Morgan

Please dont let Signature butcher another beautiful building

By Mikes mate

Where is this being held? Where is the Brickfield Centre?

By Julie

Ive walked past this building in the past many times and thought how lovely it was. I would hate to think that it will be in such a sad state of repair that the council will eventually pull it down, I sincerely hope that someone sees its potential to use as a focal Point for an organisation in the area, and will give it the respect and care this beautiful building obviously needs to bring it back to life.

By Maddie quigley