Bruntwood Works development director Aisling McNulty and Bruntwood policy and strategic project manager Sophie West provide insight on the blueprint of a net zero new-build. Credit: Place North West and Bruntwood Works

COP26 | How do you create a net zero, new-build office?

Dan Whelan

Bruntwood Works is aiming to create the first carbon-neutral, new-build commercial development in the country. In this latest episode of Place North West’s COP26 podcast series, we ask how it can be done and, more importantly, if it can be replicated at scale.

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The UK Green Building Council is pushing for all buildings to be net zero by 2050. If the development community is going to achieve that, a blueprint for how to create truly sustainable new-build offices needs to be worked up. 

As one of the country’s largest landlord/developers, Bruntwood is hoping to play a key role in creating that blueprint.

In this episode, Aisling McNulty, development director at Bruntwood Works, and Sophie West, policy and strategic project manager at Bruntwood, discuss assembling the right project team, selecting the correct materials, and what it is like to play a leading role in the pursuit of net zero. 

This episode is part of Place North West’s COP26 podcast series, which looks at sustainability solutions within the property industry ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow this November.  

In each episode, guests will share actionable insights and essential, evidence-based advice drawing on lessons learned from their work moving towards net zero carbon.  Listen to more of our COP26 podcasts 

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