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Sarah Bateman of Unify Energy explains why companies should focus more on collecting data before spending money on so-called green energy. Credit: Place North West and Unify Energy

COP26 | Back to basics: Cutting through the net-zero noise  

Dan Whelan

When it comes to minimising carbon footprints, companies should keep things simple and take steps to measure, monitor, and manage energy consumption before considering investing heavily in largely untested technologies, according to energy provider Unify. 

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Sarah Bateman, chief executive of Unify Energy, explains why spending money on solar panels, so-called green energy and EV charging points might not be the wisest thing for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact to do right now.

Instead, companies should focus more on collecting data that is easy to understand so that they have a clearer picture of what they need to do to make a real difference.

This episode is part of Place North West’s COP26 podcast series, which looks at sustainability solutions within the property industry ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow this November. 

In each episode, guests will share actionable insights and essential evidence-based advice drawing on lessons learned from their work moving towards net zero carbon. Listen to more of our COP26 podcasts. 

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