Ovatus Two Liverpool
Ovatus I, left, and the 48-storey Ovatus II

Consultation launches for Liverpool’s tallest tower

Jessica Middleton-Pugh and Charlie Schouten

A public consultation will be held today on Ovatus II, designed by architect Hodder + Partners, which if built will be Liverpool’s tallest building at 48 storeys.

CGIs were first revealed of the project in January last year, and developer 122 Old Street Limited is now preparing a planning application for the scheme, which is set to include around 530 apartments over 48 storeys, as well as an underground car park and new landscaping.

The project has already gone through the pre-application process and the public exhibition is due to be held today between 2pm and 8:30pm at the Radisson Blu Hotel on Old Hall Street, ahead of a full planning application being submitted later in the year.

In a letter inviting neighbours and consultees to the event, the developer said the building would be an “architectural landmark providing high-quality residential options within the city”.

At 48 storeys, Ovatus II would top the existing West Tower on the waterfront, which reaches 40 storeys, as the city’s tallest building.

The development is intended to act as a sister tower to Ovatus I, a 27-storey scheme which secured planning permission in April 2017. This tower totals 168 homes, including a mix of studios, one-beds, two-beds, and three-beds.

Both buildings are being brought forward by developer Prospect Capital and Liverpool-based wealth manager Willcocks & Willcocks, under the special purpose vehicle for Ovatus II, 122 Old Street Limited.

An existing Shop Direct data centre sits on the site of Ovatus II, which will need to be vacated before construction starts. The developers originally said construction work on Ovatus I would begin in April last year, but no construction has taken place to date.

The professional team on the project includes WSP, Indigo Planning, and Planit-IE.

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Beautiful towers and disgn, Liverpool is looking stunning .

By kath

This throws into massive doubt the claim by Simpson that we can only ever see mundane boxes in the North as he forever proposes in Manchester.

By Bo

Looking forward to these two developments and with further anticipated towers along the Strand and Leeds Street approaches, these will surely add to the grandeur of entering the City from the north end.

By Man on bicycle

Woo how exciting… etc etc

There is zero chance that is going to be built.

Given the low rents in Liverpool, the cost (likely) heading towards £300/sqft, and the lack of supply chain availability, how long before this returns as a mundane box?

Answers on a postcard

By Alan Partridge

@Alan Partridge Says you Mr negative – btw they certainly are being built .

By kath

Looks cheap, and a bit like the office near Manchester arena.

By Lexi

@lAlan -Low rates in Liverpool?? I doubt that -look and weep plant of tall buildings under construction arm -liverpool Waters etc

By kath

Glad to see Liverpool doing it’s own thing, Keeping it’s identity and not following suit of other boring Northern cities with their square ugly box designs, 2018/ 2019 big developments happening.

By Nathan

They look like the inside of my Dyson!

By Bob Dawson

@Bob better than looking inside of a toilet .

By Nathan

The developers need to prove their pedigree and track record before a brick is laid. Liverpool cannot afford another failed or stalled development. Any doubts whatsoever on funding, ability or reputation are unacceptable. Better to not build it that risk another lemon

By Nick

Liverpool is looking great …..the clustering of towers much more effective than more random scattergun approach by some cities ! …..just hope these plans are delivered

By Graham Burgess

Let’s wait to see if these actually start construction before trolling Manchester shall we. I strongly suspect that Manchester’s blocks are rectilinear for efficiency purposes, just as Simpson was alluding to a few weeks back. I wouldn’t be surprised if these incredibly inefficiently-shaped Liverpool towers never see the light of the day for that very reason

By Anonymous

Wont get built just like the Elliot scheme on the other side of the road. Doesnt stack up unless your looking to wash cash.

By Mikes mate

GCHQ would look good in these towers,only they, and everybody else seem to overwhelmingly prefer the city with the scattergun approach for the big projects.

By Elephant

Well Elephant these are residential towers so I doubt GCHQ would be interested personally

By Anonymous

Maybe that’s what they want you to think?

By Harry Palmer

build it high…so fed up with the fear mongering don’t upset unesco loby…our city will never achieve anything if we do not push boundaries. please don’t let fear lead to mediocracy and a low rise bland horizon that dosent aspire to be the best, the outstanding

By andy bibby

build it high!!! dont let fear of he unesco loby lead to a bland horizon for our great city

By andy bibby

These towers and the triple Infinity towers across the road are going to transform this part of town! Liverpool is really changing for the better, great to see!

By Sue Denim

Fantastic development, which just like the Infinity development on the other side of the road is actually going to be built. Heard good things about the individuals behind this development, and the Elliot group are a great developer.

By Graham

Don’t trust any developer who’s email address ends in .gmail

Will never see the light of day

By Anonymous

Plenty of these pretty CGI’s knocking about – remember all of the Pinnacle and North Point Global ones? The build costs of delivering a tower such as this against headline sales values in Liverpool will make this build out a massive challenge, but good luck to them all the same.

By Bday

would hate to live in Manchester right now!


@Bday Incomparable situation, the Northpoint/Pinnacle schemes had suspect developers behind both of them, who had prior convictions for fraud. That it not the case with either this or infinity.

By Graham