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Novo is one example of a developer building affordable homes in Cheshire East, in Little Bollington

Cheshire East prepares housing delivery framework

Dan Whelan

The council is looking to appoint up to eight housebuilders to a framework aimed at boosting affordable housing provision amid rising numbers of social housing applicants. 

By implementing a framework, Cheshire East would have greater control over development of surplus council-owned land, it said. 

Cheshire East Council currently has more than 8,000 applicants for social housing in the area, and said that current supply levels are not meeting demand. 

In a report, the council noted that high house prices in much of the area, together with limited access to private rented accommodation, act as barriers to people on lower incomes being able to acquire property. 

A minimum income of £26,200 is required to meet the average private rent level in Cheshire East, according to the council. 

Cllr Nick Mannion, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for environment and regeneration, said: “This move is good news, as one of the key issues in the borough is being able to develop the right type of housing that meets the needs of all our residents. 

“The approach outlined is that if the council has a surplus site it would have the option to use the proposed framework to control the type, price, design and form of housing on the site, as opposed to selling it and leaving it to a developer to determine the scheme.” 

The council is due to consider the framework proposals in greater detail at a committee meeting next week.

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It is a great idea but then again this is Cheshire East, they can’t regenerate a town centre! The amount of money and time wasted and getting nowhere. This council needs to have a reshuffle and stop wasting money and put it into things like public transport, roads and infrastructure.

By Anonymous

Winsford 11.7 million to redevelop their town. West Cheshire. East Cheshire council where’s the budget for Middlewich to actually develop a town to support our huge expanding housing estate that you keep aproving additional hI uses.

By David Bsmpton

If CEC has the both the political will and strength to go beyond the current position of allowing developers to produce expensive, out of reach and costly homes that the housing developers prefer, in order to maximize profit over the real and important need for social (and not affordable housing) this would be a fundamental and welcome change. People before profit!

By Michael Thompson