Weir Mill

Capital & Centric confirms Stockport mill purchase

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

The developer has completed its acquisition of Stockport’s listed Weir Mill, and is planning a £60m residential conversion to bring 250 flats to the town in its first Greater Manchester project.

As revealed by Place North West in January, Capital & Centric bought the site from Maryland Securities, which had its own Hodder-designed residential proposals in the pipeline but were never brought forward.

While active in Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield, the Stockport deal is Capital & Centric’s first foray into a Greater Manchester town.

The project would be one of the first to come forward within Stockport’s Mayoral Development Corporation Zone, and sits alongside the £120m transport interchange being developed by the council and Transport for Greater Manchester.

The Weir Mill scheme will see the restoration of the 1700s grade two-listed mill buildings alongside new-build blocks, and is backed by £7m from Homes England.

The development will include a frontage onto the River Mersey, opening up public access to the waterside. There are also plans for ground floor commercial spaces including café-bars, delis and independent shops.

Tim Heatley, co-founder of Capital & Centric, said: “It’s the buildings like Weir Mill that give a town its character. To save these amazing mills we have to find viable long term uses for them. By developing a new community we’ll not only be creating some incredible places to live but we’ll be opening up access to the waterside for everyone.

“Town centres are changing and it’s places like Stockport that are rising to the challenge with ambitious regeneration plans. With easy access into Manchester and a stone’s throw from the Peak District, Stockport town centre is becoming a really exciting alternative to city living. I’m a huge fan of Stockport Exchange which has really raised the bar and encouraged people like us to invest.

“Times are tough but regeneration projects will be an important part of Greater Manchester’s recovery. We’re hugely excited to be coming to Stockport and this deal shows how much confidence we have in the town.”

A planning application is expected later in the year. BDP has been appointed as architect.The developer has completed its acquisition of Stockport’s listed Weir Mill, and is planning a £60m residential conversion to bring 250 flats to the town in its first Greater Manchester project.

Lord Bob Kerslake, chair of the Mayoral Development Corporation said: “Regeneration and development has to be a national driver for recovery post Covid-19 and the MDC offers substantial opportunities to deliver this at pace and scale in an area where the ambitious plans are already underway. The decision by Capital & Centric to come and be part of those wider plans and their belief in Stockport and the MDC is welcomed and we look forward to working with them and other partners in delivering a nationally significant model for town centres.”

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Nice to see some positive news, more of this please

By Sarah Dale

Nice work Capital & Centric! Will be interested to see how your plans come along.

By Dover

£60m for 250 Flats = £240K per Flat – sounds bold for Stockport !

By Did the Math

Good news. Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition over the coming months and years.

By two-step

Well done to Capital & Centric, for their vision and community investment in the heart of Stockport. A key site which adds character, it’s a statement building ripe for redevelopment within a city deserving of investment.

By Charlotte Gildart-Butler

Beautiful when restored, but a blight when they`re not. I wish there was a lot more of this happening. This is great news for Stockport.

By Goyt

@Did the Math, actually, seems pretty logical. The market these days benefits from location, and there is a lot to be said by this location. Today, many people like to live in town centres. This can be seen by the huge developments at the centre of Manchester, but it’s natural to also see this at a smaller scale in the surrounding town centres of the wider metropolis. This is normal for other cities around the world as well. Places like central Stockport are perfect for this type of development. It has close proximity to the retail area, to the market area and the nearby booming restaurant scene and good transport options with direct fast trains to the city centre and even London, with metrolink due to arrive soon. The riverfrontage there will also be developed. This is a place to live.


More human warehousing. Wonderful.

By Pessimist

Great for Stockport to acquire a big hitter such as C&C. They seem to be keyed into their social responsibilities with their Manchester developments. Great site right next to the new interchange. Stockport is changing fast.

By MrPink

I own a shop in that mill now I wont be able to feed my family as I wont have a shop and I cant move because stockport council charge to much in other premises

By Michael

Amazing, Stockport Town centre is such a dump.

By Anonymous

Booming restaurant scene? Stockport centre has not got a first class hotel, and hardly any decent places to eat. You certainly can’t go out for a good night on the town like Manchester or other surrounding towns. Its a start but there is a hell of a way to go.

By Say what you see

I think yes its good to have new properties built and saving older buildings such as the old mills.
But in my opinion we do not need shops and delis, Stockport already has very limited shops now with closing down. we need decent shops in our precinct such as food shops where you don’t have to walk miles out of the town. They built the Red Rock building its a waste of space and money. shop in the Red Rock not occupied fully. and its such an ugly site to see and a waste of the towns money. well I have said my moan now. Thank- you.

By A Lewis

Where will the parking be for 250 flats? There doesn’t look much room.

By Lee

Just be careful with our heritage it cant be replaced as artists we have painted and watched these views including Lowry William Turner Alan Lowndes and myself these views are worth alot of money not to be squandered only enhanced.

By Jackie wagg

The lady mayor has certainly put Stockport on the world map

By V Concar

Brilliant news. Let’s hope the aesthetics are better than redrock.

By Unimpressed

C&C have got themselves a gem there. Hopefully some great frontage on to the river. Stockport’s development continues at pace.

By Avondale

Is there a long-term plan for the depot next door?

By Stagecoach

They’ll need to bring a lit of lead and copper, I rinsed that place years ago.

By OldSchool

A great coup for Stockport to have C&C on a scheme – this should be something very special.


They shouldn’t have built buildings under the viaduct arches. They should have built roads instead which would have stopped traffic congestion and also monumented the viaduct aesthetically.

By Big Bill

May 19, 2020 at 8:48 pm By A Lewis
Red Rock might not be pretty but – at least until the current unprecedented situation – it has exceeded all expectation in terms of footfall and turnover.

By the light of the moon

May 21, 2020 at 11:40 am By Big Bill
The mills were there first…

By now

How will the introduction of a possible further 300+ cars in Stockport from the residents alone be handled? not to mention visitors from out of town to this complex. Its already a nightmare driving in this area. It has to be considered that raising £400,000 in council tax each year must have been a consideration when considering planning permission.

By Barry Ashworth

They got financial support from homes England and saying it is community investment but they are selling flats only to investors ? That does not make sens.

By Margaret