Builder Scrap links with O2 to develop phone app

Trade recycling website Builder Scrap is working with telecoms giant O2 to develop applications for mobile phones.

The Builder Scrap website provides a free platform for construction firms to advertise excess or waste materials that can be re-used in other building projects.

Brendon Kenny, from Liverpool-based business consultant Corrin Kenny, advised Builder Scrap on the 02 tie-up. Kenny said: "O2 want to support Builder Scrap by developing an application to be included on mobile phones such as an iPhone or a Blackberry, which links to the website. This use of smartphone technology will then give a link to the website which provides access to surplus building materials that can be recycled and exchanged."

Builder Scrap is based in Greenfields Technology Park, Bromborough, Wirral and was established two years ago as a non-profit company with backing from the National Federation of Builders, North West Development Agency, CUBE, Envirolink and Centre for Construction Innovation.

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don’t get me wrong. i like builder scrap and everything but logging on after lunch to see what goodies there are to find a spare ‘stainless steel urinal trough’ has left one a little queasy. and it wasn’t the jacket potato’s fault.

By matt