Approval expected for £1bn Manchester Airport transformation

Manchester City Council is set to give planning consent to the £1bn upgrade of Manchester Airport, which will see the demolition of Terminal 1, and a 900,000 sq ft extension to Terminal 2.

The Manchester Airport Transformation Programme is aiming to increase capacity from 20 million to 30 million annual passengers by 2025.

The programme is made up of 60 enhancements, including the expansion and reconfiguration of Terminal 2 to become the airport’s main terminal building, along with further improvements of Terminal 3 to cater for increased demand and an expanding flight schedule.

Manchester Airport has released a CGI fly-through video of how the £1bn scheme will look on completion.

The proposals have been recommended for approval at Manchester City council’s planning committee meeting on 3 March.

The architect is Pascall & Watson, Arcadis is project manager and Jacobs is the engineer.

Plans include:

  • The 900,000 sq ft extension to the North West of Terminal 2 to extend passenger processing facilities
  • Extension to upper forecourt
  • Additional 2,590 car parking spaces in a seven-storey extension to the existing multi-storey car park, alongside a new seven-storey car park for 4,236 vehicles
  • Reconfiguring roads
  • Associated landscape works
  • Demolition of Terminal 1 and associated multi-storey car park, with a loss of 2,006 car parking spaces
  • New landing piers

The airport has three terminals. Terminal One was opened in 1962 and has undergone significant expansion and redevelopment in the intervening years, most recently in 2007 to 2009. Terminal Two Opened in 1993, along with the railway station, and has also undergone some redevelopment. Terminal Three, originally the domestic terminal, was opened in 1989 and benefited from significant investment with a major extension opening in 1998.

The first phase of the Terminal Two transformation is due to start in April 2016 and complete by the end of March 2022.

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A major European Airport befitting a major European city.

By TFI Friday

So, Manchester City Council have to seek planning approval for a scheme owned by…. Manchester City Council.
Ain’t bureaucracy brilliant.

By Walter Skinner

@ Walter Skinner – Manchester Airport is owned by MAG not Manchester City Council although they do have shares in the airport. #facts

By AJD1984

Is this a better comment?
So, Manchester City Council have to seek planning approval for a scheme owned 35.5% by…. Manchester City Council.
Ain’t bureaucracy proportionately brilliant

By Walter Skinner

Whats your point Walter lad ? councils shouldn’t be able to promote schemes ? or do you want another level of bureaucracy above to approve?

By trev

I think Walter’s point is actually valid. If the scheme is a good one – fine. However, if it becomes subject to significant changes once approved, or becomes in breach of it’s original specification due to cost cutting -for example, then Local Authorities who submit applications cannot enforce against themselves. They usually ask a neighbouring Authority to proceed against them as an independent – but in this case all the neighbouring other 9 GM Authorities are also vested interest stakeholders, so there could well be a conflict of interest that is simply overlooked or rubber stamped by the very bureaucracy that Walter alludes to. From the usual computer graphics the new design is not really that clear in it’s intent – but I’m reasonably confident it will be functional for its purpose, but let’s face it, it won’t be Eero Saarinen’s JFK TWA terminal will it?

By Cassandra

Yes. What she said.

By Walter Skinner

Cassandra was the pen name of English journalist Sir William Neil Connor working between 1935 – 1967. OK.. he may worked for the Daily Mirror – but he was entertaining and a CHAP.

By Cassandra

Yes, but SHE was also Rodney’s girlfriend in Only Fools and Horses. Which is probably a more relevant cultural reference for the majority of Place readers, I’d of thought.

By Walter Skinner

Ba- da- Bing! He’s on here all week folks! – don’t forget to tip your waitress :-)

By Cassandra

Or even more pertinent to some:

By ToldUSo

@ToldUSo….truly rumbled, the mask slips off……You can now claim your prize from a selection of highly flammable cuddly toys whose eyes fall off to reveal sharp tacks and choking hazards, elongated twisted coke bottles filled with blue liquid that explode near central heating, or a goldfish in a bag that last a week. (maybe). Made in China, but all ‘Ream’ gear….honest . :-)

By Cassandra

Think that’s a totally separate point, but nevermind

By billy

Walter Skinner,referring to people commenting on PNW as culturally more Cassandra in Only Fools and Horses,than Sir William Neil,should learn basic English grammar,before making flippant comments.It is ‘I’d have thought’,not ‘of’.People in glass houses,springs to mind.

By Elephant

I’m more Peckhan High, than Eton.

By Skinner, W Form 5

I like Walter’s retort to my pedantic comment.Cassaaandra and Racquel always ruined Only Fools for me anyway.It was about male camaraderie originally and then became a domestic comedy.

By Elephant