Widnes Golf Club, Anwyl Homes Lancashire, Via Active PR
Artist's rendition of the proposed plans for WIdnes Golf Club. Credit: via Active PR

Anwyl tries again with Widnes Golf Club scheme

Julia Hatmaker

After being denied planning permission in March, the housebuilder has changed its tactics and submitted a new application for 233 homes.

“We’ve listened to objections from local people, Halton Council and statutory consultee and incorporated a number of changes which we think address their concerns,” said Anwyl Homes Lancashire managing director John Grime.

“The new application takes their feedback on board and, hopefully, provides a way to revive the fortunes of a golf club that has seen its membership dwindle over the last 10 years,” he continued.

Grime said that if this new application was unsuccessful, then the company was prepared to lodge a planning appeal based on the original refusal.

The new application reduces the number of planned houses from 249 to 233. It maintains the full requirement of affordable homes. The plans also add green space to the scheme and include a promise to plant more trees.

Transport in and out of the scheme will be improved, with the removal of a cul de sac access. Under these new plans, all main access will come from two priority junctions off Liverpool Road. There will also be better footpath and cycle links throughout the area.

More details about flood modelling and mitigation have been provided in the new application as well.

Widnes Golf Club Masterplan, Anwyl Homes Lancashire, Via Active PR

Anwyl Homes Lancashire’s new masterplan for Widnes Golf Club. Credit: via Active PR

Widnes Golf Club will still, however, be condensed from 18 holes to nine. However, the new project would redevelop that 9-hole course and includes a new clubhouse. Widnes Golf Club will also continue in its investment in the 18-hole Blundells Hill Golf Club in Rainhill, where it wants to improve the facilities. That investment would ensure that members of the club could play at both courses.

The development team includes Barton Willmore on planning, with designs from both the Anwyl in-house team and Astle Planning & Design. Club House Design is the consultant for the new golf club facilities, while KKP is handling the golf needs assessment.

Other consultants include TPM Landscape, Eddisons on transport, Weetwoods & Ironside Farrar on flooding and drainage, TEP on arboriculture, and UES on ecology.

Redmore Environmental offers air quality consultancy services for the project, while Ratio Seven does the same for energy. Betts Geo is the geo-environmental consultant and Echo Acoustics is the consultant for noise.

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This proposed new housing should not go ahead . Liverpool road and surrounding roads are conjested as it is more housing in that area would make it a lot worse. The established golf course is a source of environmental wonder for the wild life already there. Why oh why spoil it now. We don’t need any more housing. Widnes has sprawled out enough. Use the brown field areas. Like Halebank. Give that area some thought it needs some life put back into it

By Angela Richards

The highway’s agency said Liverpool Road cannot take anymore traffic the first time, what’s changed?

By Peter

Are we losing the tall trees that border Liverpool Road? I thought we are suppose to be planting more trees, not destroying the ones we have and have been there for many years.
Two new roads onto Liverpool Road will be problematic, especially as the road bends and is very busy.
I feel this development in such a green area of Widnes is a step too far and only serves for someone to make money at the expense of the environment and the people of Widnes. This is not progress, it is a step backwards. I hope it does not happen.

By J.Davies

Brilliant idea, best of both worlds. I already live in Widnes and would like to stay in the area but currently there are very limited options to upgrade from my current home

By Michelle

Apart from the continuing problem of traffic density 233 dwellings means family homes for 1000 residents including children. The existing local GP and dental surgeries are already overstretched and senior school children are being transported out to Penketh High School since there is not enough capacity in Halton even though parents pay a proportion of Council Tax to Halton Borough for education. However, the pursuit of profit will succeed and the Council will get more money from Council Tax.

By Ray

Small changes, almost minute……no real argument or radically different proposal……should be refused again……….

By Bryan

The planning department outlined specifically their reasons for refusal in March 2021. Absolutely nothing has changed to make this development viable. Why do they think the objectors and council will change their decision. It will be suspect if they do.

By Mrs Joan Margerison