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Amey McAlpine start £60m M6 Knutsford project

Preparatory work has begun on £60m motorway improvements being delivered by a joint venture between Amey and Sir Robert McAlpine in Cheshire.

The joint venture was awarded the £43m contract last year, which will see improvements delivered to junction 19 of the M6 near Knutsford on behalf of Highways England.

The project will see AmeySRM build a new bridge through the existing roundabout and over the M6, to connect to the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon bypass.

The main phase of construction is not due to begin until later this year, with the bridge foundations due to be laid in May and the bridge beam lifted into place in winter 2020.

Highways England said: “All preparation and construction work will be done in accordance with the latest government guidelines related to the Covid 19 outbreak. All Highways England sites have strict safeguarding measures to prevent the spread of the virus and no sites are open to the public.”

While Sir Robert McAlpine announced earlier this week the company would be furloughing most of its 2,000 members of staff in light of coronavirus restrictions on construction sites, infrastructure projects such as on roads are deemed to be essential work, with many arguing social distancing is easier to maintain than on construction sites for buildings.

Work is due to finish in 2021.

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£60 million for a roundabout. What a total waste of money, which could have been far better spent on cycling and public transport projects. I thought we were trying to reduce our carbon emissions, not making it easier for the Cheshire Set to drive 2 minutes to Waitrose in their Range Rovers?

By Anonymous

@By Anonymous – To be fair this is about far more than providing for the Cheshire set…granted, the cost seems high to me too. The reality is that cars are not going anywhere and traffic that is moving creates less local pollution than stationary traffic. Also, consider that eventually we will all be driving electric vehicles, so this is also infrastructure to support a greener future.

By Manc Man

This scheme actually makes several improvements for walking and cycling, the most important of which is probably a controlled pedestrian crossing from Pickmere Lane to Tabley Hill Lane. That crossing is sorely needed, it’s very dangerous to cross without it. And IIRC the scheme also links those two roads with the “old A556” cycleway, via the tunnel which you can barely see on the top right of the image. I generally don’t support spending on widening roads and the like, but this scheme is needed.

By Tom

It’s good that they’re looking at this junction but it’s £60 million to go from 3 sets of lights down to 2 when travelling from M6 to Manchester?
it’s not much of a difference, surely it would be better to spend a little more, raise the new crossings in to full flowing overpass, without any lights??

By ?

Same for the other direction into Cheshire as well obviously.
It just seems like a missed opportunity, it would be good to know the rationale.

By ?

Will shave a few minutes off the journey times of Utd fans driving up from Surrey

By Anonymous

This is a much needed improvement, however, it simply isn’t designed appropriately enough. The traffic is potentially still stopping twice (granted it is currently thrice, but the lights usually make it twice), so where is the improvement? Traffic coming off the northbound M6 needs an uninterrupted flow through to the new A556.

By Anon

Agree with @By Anonymous – would be better spent towards offering a free public transport system to reduce dense car traffic. Spending £60 million on schemes like this which encourage car use only add to carbon emissions

By Anonymous

We are 4 miles from that junction in Northwich
the new A556 to bowdon and altricham is brilliant Ive done northwich to alty in 10 mins some days
and the airport in 15 mins.

Lots of people have moved from altrincham, sale, stretford and chorlton to northwich and they think its brilliant when going back to see family as its so quick! but have to agree £60million for something which isnt going to achieve to much is a waste of money!

By Northwich

I haven’t read any of the planning documents, the case or the technical evidence for this, but I think it is rubbish and I’m going to post on here to say so rather than objecting at the time when it could have made any difference.

By Mr T

Should have been a free flow link. Shame we are obsessed with penny pinching and doing the bare minimum in this country

By Disgruntled Goat