Adonis’ Northern transport consultation deadline looms

A call for evidence put out by the National Infrastructure Commission to seek business input into investment plans for improved Northern connectivity and energy supply closes on Friday 8 January 2016.

In November, Andrew Adonis, interim chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, launched the call for evidence during a two-day fact-finding visit to Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, accompanied by Transport for the North chief executive, David Brown.

Adonis said at the time: “We have seen great steps forward in the North’s infrastructure, including Airport City in Manchester and the new deep water port in Liverpool. This call for evidence will support the commission to make the infrastructure of the North greater still.”

The call for evidence invited all interested parties, including industry, local and regional government, members of the public, to make submissions on three areas:

  • Northern Connectivity: particularly identifying priorities for future investment in the North’s strategic transport infrastructure to improve connectivity between cities, especially east-west across the Pennines
  • London’s Transport System: particularly reviewing strategic options for future investment in large scale transport improvements – on road, rail and underground – including Crossrail 2
  • Energy: reviewing how the UK can better balance supply and demand

The Call for Evidence will allow the National Infrastructure Commission’s work on these studies to draw upon a wide evidence base and spectrum of options.

The Commission has been asked to publish its report on these three areas before the Budget in March 2016.

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