Networking at MIPIM 2018: pitching and planning


MIPIM networking

Networking at any major event can be a daunting and intricate affair – and MIPIM 2018 will be no different. You’re going to be surrounded by people who are after the exact same leads and new business contacts as you, so you have to bring your A game.

This blog will help guide you through the networking dos and don’ts of MIPIM 2018, the most reputable and preeminent property event of the year.


Having a pitch prepared for when you meet someone new

Pitching at a networking event such as MIPIM is highly pressurising and time sensitive. The pitch must be short and to the point, supposedly delivered in the time it takes to complete your average elevator ride. This way, it maintains the audience’s attention and allows you to meet a greater volume of people.

A concise and definitive pitch is essential to successfully network at MIPIM. We have constructed a step by step guide to engage your new potential client, whilst ensuring the relevant information is communicated effectively:


  • Start by introducing yourself and asking them who they are what they’re hoping to get out of MIPIM 2018

“Hi, I’m Damian Leonard from Roland Dransfield. What’s taken you to MIPIM this year?”


  • Go on to tell them about who you are, what your company specialises in and potentially name-drop any impressive clientele

“Roland Dransfield’s a PR and Digital agency from Manchester. We specialise in B2B and B2C communications across the North West and beyond. We’re currently working with ** and **”


  • Emphasise what separates you from your competition and what makes your offer distinctive

“Our Director recently won PR and Marketing Personality of the Year at the Downtown in Business Awards, and we were named Small PR Agency of the Year 2017 at Prolific North.”


  • Conclude with a question to activate your audience and lure them into a conversation

“What type of ROI are you seeing within your current marketing efforts?”


Try to appear as knowledgeable and confident as you can. Practice your MIPIM networking pitch enough so that you feel comfortable with it, however don’t memorise it – you want it to seem natural, not robotic!


Plan in advance

This is one of most significant ways to ensure successful networking. The rule ‘if you fail to plan then plan to fail’ is very applicable. Do not just walk in blind to an event such as MIPIM as it is unlikely you will land on your feet.

Get in touch with people you want to meet in advance of the event and arrange a meeting so you know exactly what you are walking into and what to prepare for. However, be sure to plan meeting locations effectively – the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around like a lunatic in the Cannes crowds!

Similarly, you must not overbook yourself. Do not schedule a multitude of meetings and events and leave no time for that impromptu encounter with an old friend or colleague and their current compatriots. There is the off-chance that their accompaniments may be your next big client!


Time to get ready

Whilst networking at MIPIM 2018, you could end up meeting you biggest client to date. Make sure you’re prepared and ready for all eventualities.

If you need help with your MIPIM networking efforts, or would like to discuss other PR and marketing activities, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield today to take advantage of our MIPIM 2018 Digital and PR package.

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