Insurance Emergency: Blue Light Policies

An emergency in our line of work typically means meeting a tight deadline to enable a transaction to exchange and complete in a short space of time. On occasion, we get involved with an emergency of a different kind, in this case helping to expedite construction of a new NHS facility in the North East.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust hospital urgently needed to extend their existing Emergency Care Hospital to create a state of the art equipment sterilization unit, and in order to do this, they purchased some land from their neighbour.

Due to the need for rapid completion, 90% of this project was to be completed off site, reducing construction time and cost through manufacturing pre-assembled sections of buildings which were then transported to site for rapid assembly.

Why were we involved?

Preparatory ground works had already started on site as construction needed to begin as soon as possible, however, during the purchase of the land it became clear that restrictive covenants (limiting the use of the land) were in place on the wider NHS site, which needed to be resolved while work was ongoing.

Creating an insurance policy that enabled the development to continue may not be a standard Real Estate emergency, but we understand the importance of working to tight deadlines. We are passionate about working with our clients to provide commercial, pragmatic solutions to keep projects moving and get transactions over the line.

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