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At Cowgill Holloway, we understand the need to secure the best deal when it comes to property development finance. There are more finance providers in the market than ever before and excitingly, they are demonstrating a real appetite to lend.

Because identifying the best lender and obtaining support can be a challenge, I’ve set out his five top tips to consider when looking to secure development finance:

  1. Be frank in your dealings and present a ‘warts and all’ picture based on facts. It is far easier to mitigate issues at the outset rather than back tracking at a later date.

  2. Demonstrate your experience and that of your team through previous and current projects.

  3. Support your case through appraisal based evidence and comparable sales and cost information with back up from your professional team.

  4. Accept that demonstrable ‘skin in the game’ will be essential.

  5. Be realistic in your expectations on pricing relative to the risk profile.

In short, a well presented application with the correct supporting information, pitched at the right level to a carefully targeted lender is essential.

But deciding which product and provider is most appropriate for your circumstances can be bewildering and preparing the application can be complicated.

For assistance or advice regarding securing property funding, contact David Rainford at Cowgill Holloway, on 01204 414243 or email

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