Five reasons you should be on Twitter


Twitter is consistently being promoted as the must-have social media platform for any business and there have been multiple success stories as to how Twitter has proven to be an unrivalled tool for brands.

It acts as a great way of keeping up with the latest news and trends and has essentially turned into a competitive weapon. In this guide, we’ve compiled the main benefits of Twitter, with some comparisons to its main competitor, Facebook.

  1. Monitor real-time conversations

By monitoring your Twitter, you are able to keep up to date with what people are discussing surrounding your company, whether that be positive or negative. This is something unique to Twitter, as networks such as Facebook have no tool to search trigger words in posts.

Your marketing team can save searches and keep on top of any negative coverage that you may be getting in the social-sphere. A lot of companies use Twitter for the customer service tools, as it allows them to quickly respond when people “call” on their company.  In relation to this, companies can also discover product issues that are causing consumer problems in order to manage a potentially damaging PR situation.

  1. Offer helpful links and headlines

You can consistently drive traffic towards your website by offering helpful links and headlines in your tweets. Despite the hype surrounding social media, websites still require traffic in order for orders to be generated and your business to grow. These connections can be generated through outgoing reaches as well as incoming, as people often reply to a tweet faster than an email.

  1. Promotion

Promotions on Twitter can further increase traffic on slow moving stock and welcome interest from potential customers. Special deals can be consistently promoted to the huge target audience of 320 million active twitter users who can access your tweets. Through this promotion of products, you are able to build your personal brand quickly through the opportunity for global reach.

It acts as a tool for spreading word quickly, as retweeting and sharing other users’ content is incredibly simple. Hashtags (#) help boost posts, and if the tweet gains enough momentum then you can go viral.

  1. Enhance Relationships

Connecting with potential associates on Twitter means that you are able to learn a lot about them prior to your encounters. You are able to establish a viable rapport in the eyes of your competitors and promote your business for future relationships.  Your twitter page will be the most cost-effective marketing tool you have as you can consistently use tweet-testimonials to promote your customer service. This is only possible on Twitter because it allows accounts to commingle and does not make a definite distinction between business and personal. Therefore this allows you to proactively connect with individuals with personal profiles, which is significantly harder on a Facebook platform.

  1. Boosting Visibility

Your visibility on search engines is directly affected by your presence on social media, especially Twitter. Everything from LinkedIn to Twitter promotes you, so your social media presence is essential for competition with other businesses. This visibility is also essential for potential opportunities, as Journalists are consistently active on Twitter; and can often use it to source stories and seek information. This again is not an option on Facebook as the search bar is restrictive to specifics rather than general topics.

And you?

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated enough reasons to get yourself and your business on Twitter, but if you’ve got any more thoughts, be sure to get in touch.

And if you’re looking for more in-depth tips on getting the most out of social media, be sure to download our complementary guide today:

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