A reintroduction

When Luma was born in 2016 it was just one person.  Luma 2020 is a very different entity.

Our adventures have taken us to a co-working space, a partner, a whole bunch of freelancers and contractors, employees, an office of our own, 32 clients, 7 new brands, 8 pro-bono projects and an awful lot of coffee.  It’s been a rollercoaster.

As we entered the new decade, it was definitely time to take stock.

We brought the team together and treated Luma the same as we would a new client.  We posed the same questions: what do we do, what do we hope for, what work do we turn away, what role do we want to play in our client relationships, what are we good at, how do we want to communicate, how will we know if we’re succeeding…?  We tested our assumptions and asked our clients and collaborators for their view.

Our (very talented) graphic designer took all of that information away and returned with this…

Luma Brand Banner 2


We are delighted to re-introduce you to Luma Marketing.

We are edge of centre.  Just outside the spotlight.  Helping our clients to shine with confidence.

We are where the good stuff happens.  Our clients all appreciate the need to leave the world better than they found it.  We build respectful, trusted relationships.  And we only do good marketing that is worth doing.

We have a fresh look, a new website and a team of six clever people delivering marketing strategy and brand insight, imaginative copy writing, top quality graphic design, engaging social media and sharp project management.

We are pleased to meet you.

We will be using this column over the next 12 months to talk in more detail about what we do, and also to share insight from some of the people we work with.

First up: working well with Phil Rogerson from Calmer Workplace.

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