A fresh start

Debunking three marketing myths in time for the new year 

Sometimes, to make progress, you need a little destruction. Now we’re not talking about tearing your offices down or taking a jackhammer to your desktop, but rather battling with the outdated ‘false gods’ of business practice. Specifically, marketing myths that threaten to slow you down. And what better time than with the new year just around the corner? 

Over the last few months, we have been working hard at building brands that challenge conventional thinking in every sector. It’s important to convince risk-averse people to think differently about 2021 to make it a good oneBecause we’ve always done it that way” doesn’t fly in a world that’s been tipped on its head this year.  

Let’s kick start the new year with a fresh focus and say goodbye to the 2020 mentality. We are helping our clients, old and new, to emerge into the new year with a fresh message and consider their audiences in a new way 

We guarantee that, whatever you’re doing next, it’s not the same thing you’ve done before. 

We bring you to three titans that we, here at Luma, believe could be limiting your potential. We’ve all heard the more common ones – “SEO is dead”, “quantity over quality”, or “marketing results are instant”. And these are simply untrue. But we’re going to dig a little deeper, bringing down some of the titans that are standing between your business and exponential growth. 

“Marketing is guesswork” 

John Wanamaker famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” 

While this may have been true 150 years ago when Wanamaker helped pioneer marketing, it’s not anymore. 

We know what aspects of marketing work, can track the progress of different campaigns, and measure results to ensure the best outcomes and value for money. 

There’s no longer any excuse for casual, unscientific decision-making. Marketing is a science, not an art. Everything is measurable. You can easily assess the amount of engagement each channel brings in, visualising exactly where your leads and interest are coming from.  

There will be plenty of data at your fingertips, data that can ensure you waste no money on unsatisfactory efforts and that your business is always marketing at its best.  

“It’s not my responsibility” 

With this, we’re talking about the big issues – climate change, diversity, or any other values that we hold businesses accountable to.  

“We recycle construction waste, if the client asks. It’s not our job to make them do it if they’re not interested.” 

“We would give the job to a woman if one applied. But there isn’t. So I’ll give it to my friend’s son instead.” 

Palming everything off as someone else’s responsibility doesn’t fly anymore. Everything is everyone’s responsibility when it comes to large-scale issues like these. You can’t make progress by taking a back seat. 

When it comes to your business’s values and the actions you take, it’s time to get out of your own way.  

COVID-19 has accelerated many trends, including buzz and demand around CSR and social value. Your boardroom is no longer a private place; there’s nowhere to hide. If you aren’t stepping up to the plate and taking active action against the causes that matter – and demonstrating this action throughout your marketing channels – you won’t see the growth and success you want. 

Clients, customers, investors, readers, and partners all want businesses who care. If you wait until the law mandates that you leave people and places better than you found them, you will find yourselves leagues behind your competition.  

“I can’t afford it” 

Flashy marketing strategies and materials can certainly come with a hefty price tag. But thinking this is the norm, rather than the exception, holds so many businesses back. 

Marketing is flexible. You can adapt it to suit individual needs and budgets. You can use that impressive article for five social media posts, excerpts spliced for a conference talk you need to give next week, and create a flash new blurb for your website. 

When done right, marketing materials should be investments you make once but use often. You should be getting your money’s worth. Especially when just starting out, marketing can be done very well on a smaller budget. 

No matter your business, audience, or budget, marketing can work for you. With the right research and support, you can establish effective marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, secure new leads, and become a pioneer in your space. Now is the time to knock down the outdated ‘false gods’ of marketing and get out of your own way. Your fresh new year is just around the corner.


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