Pall Mall Green Square CGI
CTP is developing Pall Mall Gardens in Liverpool

Pall Mall nudges ahead in BT Liverpool race

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

The communications giant is close to choosing its 100,000 sq ft Liverpool headquarters, leaning towards a base at Kier Property and CTP’s Pall Mall, over its other shortlisted site at Sciontec’s Knowledge Quarter.

BT narrowed its search to the two options in December, after putting Pall Mall and No5 Paddington Village alongside offices at Peel L&P’s Liverpool Waters and the Echo Building.

The search is part of a UK-wide consolidation of offices which also saw the company agree to let Two New Bailey in Salford.

While the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led BT to pause its hunt for other offices in the North West, including in Warrington, the Liverpool deal is understood to still be going ahead.

BT’s relocation would see it move out of its existing office at Lancaster House on Old Hall Street.

The £200m Pall Mall around Bixteth Gardens and Exchange Station secured planning permission in October, and is backed by funding from Liverpool City Council.

The first phase of the wider 400,000 sq ft development will include a 112,000 sq ft office, with floorplates of around 15,000 sq ft, and public realm, along with a hotel, due to be operated by Leonardo. Willmott Dixon has completed remedial work on the site.

Two further office blocks are also planned in later phases.

JLL is advising BT. Colliers International is joint agent at Pall Mall with Worthington Owen.

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Better choice for BT. The KQ site is best suited for innovation and medical sectors creating a new and exciting cluster.

By Liverpolitis

Let’s get Pall Mall off the ground. I’ve had countless Twitter spats with the Bixteth Gardens anti – development brigade and thank god they didn’t prevail.

By Michael McDonut

Oh beautiful new Liverpool office’s! This has made my day!! My grandson will be over joyed!

By Mary Woolley

Beautiful gardens.

By Green man

Excellent news as we edge nearer to some new commercial development in Liverpool, not only for the regional office market but also my former colleague David Topham at CTP and the rest of the team …. fingers crossed!

By Kingsley

They destroyed a beautiful green spot for this. A spot where workers would relax on their lunch break. Not to mention the wildlife. I hope it is worth it.

By Bixteth Boy.

Quite embarrassing for the city to have such a tiny office market and no new available space for businesses to modernise or relocate, nevermind attract new companies to the city, Liverpool can barely keep hold of the ones it has, sqft office rent now the cheapest city in the entire country as the market has been allowed to vanish through abysmal city leadership.

By anon

I think the Pall Mall option should be the preferred choice….fits in with the Business Quarter and facilities would surely be better suited ..I.e…easy to locate and centralised

By Anonymous

Pall Mall is a great choice. Potential for future growth and joining up with Liverpool Waters, close to Moorfields underground.

By Liverpolitana

The new green space is much better than the old scrub land and tatty benches plus the great advantage of new jobs and investment for a deprived area. Some moaners are just complaining because they have dared to build on development land. These “Johnny cum lately’s” to the area in the apartments should accept that what happens in City Centres and not believe all what Councillor Smalltown tells them so he can keep his seat?

By Town Hall Tommy

Wow. But still a chance Mcr can creep in through the back door.

By Bob

Bixteth Boy all of the workers in the new offices will be able to bask in the highly improved public realm and participate in an enhanced leisure offer to include new cafe, bar and no doubt restaurant offer once completed. Who wouldn’t want that over a grotty under-used piece of grass.


@Bob no chance

By francis

Sounds to me like BT are tweeking the rent free periods and other incentives to play one developer against the other. Deep breath when looking at the appraisal. There needs to be plenty of margin to cover cost and time delays. Hope Liverpool have got deep pockets to chuck a few quid into the pot

By Anonymous

Nobody noticed that half of the companies based at Plaza and around moved permanently staff to working from home model. We build new office spaces when actually there are plenty of empty offices and more to come. The council destroyed the garden where many used to go for lunch to take break and relax. I don’t think is too late to rebuild a new garden with a little lake in the middle and squirrel ️. It won’t cost a fortune, it will make the place attractive for office workers and give about of green look to the grey. We have enough offices, I hope a garden eventually will rise again

By Rob