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The port's expansion is 'severely concerning' to Sefton Council

Liverpool2 records largest container delivery

Liverpool2, the Port of Liverpool’s deep-water container terminal, has broken a new terminal record after a boat docked and exchanged 5,400 containers, the highest number seen from a single vessel since the port opened in 2016.

The vessel was MSC Federica, part of MSC’s Turkey Canada service, which includes calls at Montreal, Liverpool, Sines, Valencia, Barcelona and Tekirdağ amongst other terminals. This service directly links Liverpool to the Far East.

According to owner Peel Ports, the arrival signifies the current strength of Liverpool on the global trading stage, following the £400m investment in Liverpool2 to enable it to handle the largest ships in the world.

David Huck, managing director at Peel Ports, said: “This record is a testament to the investment we’ve put in to ensure state-of-the-art technology, including our five ship-to-shore cranes and 12 cantilever rail mounted gantry cranes to help make our world-class staff as efficient as possible. At difficult times like these, businesses want to know that their supply chains are able to cope with the increased demand and this demonstrates that the Port of Liverpool is ready to meet their needs.”

Peel Ports, in conjunction with Terminal Investment, is continuing to develop the deep-water terminal, with the arrival of a further three ship-to-shore cranes which are being commissioned. The port will also soon see a further 10 CRMG cranes, which will increase the capacity of the terminal, making it capable of managing the unloading of two 380m vessels simultaneously.

Work on this second phase of the project has already started and is expected to be completed during 2021.

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Great to see the Port prospering again. Now need rail and road investment to support it. Particularly rail

By Eddie 23

HS2 AND HS3 Liverpool powerhouse

By Anonymous

Liverpool is now starting to break the status quo and is on the way to being seen as the world city we really are. We are not the dormitory town that Whitehall wants us to be. We are resilient, we are Liverpool.

By Michael McDonut

Can’t knock Peel’s investment here. Fair play to them.

As UK trade inevitably tilts further to the west Liverpool is very well placed as the largest deep sea port on the west coast.

By Sceptical

Very good. But time to deliver connectivity that doesn’t involve ROADS.We need to breathe now and again.

By George

Very encouraging news and this will strengthen the Port, City and Region.

By Liverpolitis

It’s great to see these big ships, however unless they sort out the software for the trucks picking up the teu’s and delivering them, the port will be useless and just full of boxes stacking up on the quay. I say this as I use T2 everyday and to get a vehicle booking slot can take 2-3 hours, so sitting outside the dock twiddling my thumbs waiting!! Shocking management and customer services are burying their heads in the ground if they think they can cope with the ‘BIG’ ships and compete with other docks around the country, because in my experience of 16 years going in the place, its falling apart at the seams….

By Rob

It`s not Liverpool, it`s Sefton.

By Blundellsands

@Blundlesands hey? It’s called L2
Port Of Liverpool

By Karen

It is called the port of liverpool even though it is not in liverpool like the royal liverpool golf course is not in liverpool or like aintree race course or any of the beaches they say are in liverpool

By Sandgrounder

This silly argument about semantics of “Liverpool” just shows that the City Region has *always* operated as one – all this silly whineing about Sefton, Wirral etc. being somehow separate (and “really” Lancashire or Cheshire respectively) is silly and counterproductive.


Looks like @blundellsands has fallen for the parochial groupthink of the 1970s. Most people outside L20 have never have heard of sefton, let alone MSC!

By LEighteen

Everyone in Crosby knows Crosby has always been Liverpool. Sefton is Liverpool’s strong arm, with the muscle being the Port of Liverpool. @Buldellsands is surely from Manchester, just like Sandgrounder.

By Liverpolitan

It’s all good and well that this company is expanding and making millions of pounds, without the care of the local community with extreme noise through the night and many days 24hours. This company has total disregard for the people who live near this port and suffer from sleep and extreme loud noise. This company has NOT made any comments on this point to local authorities or media.

By Anthony Whitehead

Crosby is a town with its own beach and it`s between Southport and Liverpool

By Blundlesands`s best Manc buddy

Its a forever expanding port that tells me it’s going the right direction .
You stick to your ugly blocks down the M62

By Anonymous

Why would anyone from Manchester care about the boundaries of the Liverpool City Region?
Doesn’t Manchester have Port Salford anyway?

By Anonymous

There is no such thing as “Liverpool City Region”. It’s an entirely artificial construct foisted on largely independent districts by central government.

By Ministry

Ministry – incorrect. The 6x councils came together after recognising it was in their shared interests to make it happen. The level of parochialism in your post is astonishing – on a regional scale, never mind national or international – these places are all part of one cohesive whole.

Of course they have differences and different histories – my street is wider and older than the next street, but we’re still the same neighbourhood. The same empty point about the City Region being a “construct” could be made about any level of government. Research shows economic units of about 5-6m work best as a governance level – LCR is way off that (1.5m) but strikes a good balance between local input (the CA is formed of the leaders of the 6x councils + the Metro Mayor) and packing more economic punch than weedy separate local authorities.

By Fully Grown Dan

Of course it’s an artificial construct… just like all regional areas, and come to think of it… every border on the planet.

By @Ministry

@Dan the point is that they are NOT part of a cohesive whole. Most of the boroughs have relatively weak economic links to Liverpool. If anything Merseyside is the proper term for this so-called region.

By Ministry