Euro Garages East Maghull February 2020
The proposed drive-through restaurants

Commercial elements mooted for East Maghull

Chloé Vaughan

A petrol station and three drive-through restaurants are set to form part of the wider East Maghull development, according to the latest plans from Blackburn-based Euro Garages Group.

The developer’s proposals for a 5,100 sq ft petrol station, two drive-throughs of 2,500 sq ft each, and a drive-through coffee shop at 2,204 sq ft, have been recommended for approval at Sefton’s planning committee next week.

The 4.7-acre site is part of the wider allocation of the Land East of Maghull Development Site, part of Sefton’s Local Plan published in 2017. The total allocation covers 212 acres and has the capacity for a minimum of 1,400 homes and 50-acres of employment space.

An application that forms part of the wider masterplan was deferred at Sefton’s January committee due to the lack of a construction environment management plan, and community concerns that needed addressing.

Another scheme that was due to be heard at next week’s committee – EMC’s outline plans for up to 855 homes and an older people’s housing scheme, both on an 85-acre adjacent site – has been deferred for a later date. EMC is a collection of landowners that came together to develop plans for the site’s future use. It worked in tandem with Countryside and Persimmon to deliver the proposals.

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Can you please tell me where exactly the three drive through restaurants will be as you just say Maghull East. Can you also tell me what franchises have applied for these. I am a Maghull resident. Thank you.

By Mrs Helen Smallwood

What improvements in the infrastructure will be made as maghull cannot cope now with the increase in population and increased traffic.

By Susan williams

We are more in need of a walk in health centre instead of having to get to Litherland Kirkby or Ormskirk. This infrastructure should have been in place before all the current houses were built.
Comments please.????

By Anonymous

We don’t need a petrol station or more eating places in Maghull especially in Sefton Lane the traffic is bad enough. Stop building on green land there are enough houses in Maghull. Improve Maghull square that is needed.

By Anonymous

Shouldn’t there be a new link road from the A59 between Maghull and Aughton towards the new station area? It’s really inconvenient for residents to have people cutting through more and more.

By Liverpolitan.

Why do we complain about flooding when every bit of Greenland is sold for profit start thinking about the people who live in maghull we don’t need a service station

By James martin

What the hell ?? Maghull is already worse with the new influx plus the kids who live outside pinching places at the schools but disrespect the area used to be nice all gone downhill

By Medina connolly

The whole lot needs to be scrapped

By Pensioner

I think this is to be on the site of Bradley’s farm, by the M58 roundabout.

By E Fearon

Get priorities right. More schools built, A walk in center should be priority as the waiting time to see our own GP is ridiculous, taking Green belt land for more houses when they are not needed , the roads around Maghull and Melling are full of Pot holes and will only get worse with more traffic.

By Carol Fitzgerald

The traffic situation in Maghull now is at most times gridlocked with a 1000 more homes being built ( and same amount of cars ) on the road a thought should be given to the people who already live in Maghull

By Mr Williams

This area was removed from the Green Belt and allocated for development in 2017 following many lengthy public consultations. There are still thousands of houses to be built in Maghull on allocated land. For the people complaining, the horse has already bolted, lived a happy life and passed away.

By SillyGoose

Maghull is going down hill fast . The maghull north train station is just a cause for litter.we need more doctor’s not houses its took me 2 weeks to try an get an appointment .I have lived in maghull for 30 years then bought a persimmon house probably the worst thing we done the drainage is awful on here it is just a gloriefied council estate.

By Anonymous

Far too many houses we need a M&S food to go in the space, a coffee shop, a decent park! Maybe a maximum of 200 homes.
The area is over populated for the current infrastructure

By Anonymous

Lovely area being spoilt by over development – fix all the current issues (roads, pavements, lack of bins) before building more

By Pablo