SCRI forum: How can facilities management benefit from BIM

Organiser: Salford University
Location: The Old Fire Station, Salford University, The Crescent, M5 4WT


This is the fourth in a series of Building Information Modelling related The Salford Centre for Research & Innovation Forum events with focus to the application of BIM for the buildings facilities management, demonstrating the innovative use of BIM by leading practitioner's and service providers.


  • Reflecting on communication with designers Sam Collard, BIM leader at Laing O'Rourke presents their body of work, demonstrating two working models. Portraying BIM from the contractor's perspective he informs of the understanding needed to shape the model for seamless delivery to the fm model
  • Paul Goodman-Simpson presents the ArtrA field BIM and FM that enables responsibility transfer from the design office to the model including all drawings and specification
  • Louise Clark will present on ICON's web-based information management that provides accurate information relevant to project design solution quantification, building lifecycle maintenance and asset management with associated costs. All of which is accessible Stakeholders involved in the project can access this information
  • SCRIs Bhargav Dave presents the facilities management case study of Maryland General Hospital, portraying the use of BIM and bar codes for handover and fm process.
  • A client will present their experience in the adoption of BIM for FM, reporting on the changes required and benefits achieved (TBA).
  • A BuildingSMART representative will talk about developments in North America for the successful implementation of BIM for fm and related soon to be required Cobie2 standards in the U.K.
  • Prof Arto Kiviniemi will present findings from practice and research regarding leading edge BIM use in facilities management (fm).

Chairperson: TBA

A panel discussion will take place involving presenters and special guests on the following topic: FM adoption of BIM: Which are the challenges?

During the event you will be required to take part in a breakout session. Here you will be set a task and in collaboration with like minded people discuss topical issues focusing on BIM theory, adoption and use in practice.

The event is of interest to client representatives, architects, designers, engineers, main contractors, sub contractors, project managers, surveyors, facilities managers and BIM operators.

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