NWDA Sustainable Buildings Policy Series: Transport

Organiser: NWDA / CCI
Location: Cube, Manchester
Phone: 0161 295 5076

Transport has an impact on many important matters: climate change, health, quality of life and the natural environment. Issues such as safety, congestion and public health can all be impacted by the transport choices we make. The consideration of transport patterns in our built environment is essential to ensure impacts may be minimised.

Transport is important for a number of reasons;

  • Reduce transport emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases?
  • Contribute to better safety, security and health?
  • Promote greater equality of opportunity for all citizens?
  • Improve quality of life and promote a healthy natural environment?
  • Support national economic competiveness and growth?

At this event speakers will be looking at discussing Travel Plans and Smarter Choices.

Travel Plans have a number of aims: to reduce reliance on the car through the reduction in the length and number of motorised journeys, in particular, those journeys carried out in single occupancy vehicles; to promote the use of alternative means of travel which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly; and to encourage work practices which reduce the need to travel.

The Department for Transport Smarter Choices are techniques for influencing people's travel behaviour towards more sustainable options such as encouraging school, workplace and individualised travel planning. They also seek to improve public transport and marketing services such as travel awareness campaigns, setting up websites for car share schemes, supporting car clubs and encouraging teleworking.

If you are interested in hearing about real examples of these two strategies being employed to improve the impact of transport in the built environment register a place with or 0161 295 5076.


10.00 Registration

10.15 Emma Kyng: CCI – Project Overview

10.25 Catherine White: NWDA – Agency's Position on Green Travel

10.35 Martin Higgitt: JMP – Overview on Smarter Choices and Green Travel Plans

11.00 Break

11.20 Stacey Silverman and Rhian Lewis: JMP – Examples of Smarter Choices and Green Travel Plans for local authorities as well as for the private sector

11.45 Diane Kisiel: Highways Agency – Talking about the programme Influencing Travel Behaviour

12.10 Lunch

There is no charge for this event, but please note that due to popularity, places are available on a first-come first-served basis.