NWDA Sustainable Buildings Policy: Awareness Raising and Knowledge Transfer Programme

Organiser: NWDA & CCI
Location: Art & Design Academy, Liverpool JMU
Phone: 0161 295 5076

Communities and Employment & Training Please note that there is the option to attend the morning or afternoon session ONLY, if you would prefer to do this then please specify when reserving your place. Communities Addressing the issue of communities is determined by the locality of the development. At the most basic level this policy commitment asks that Project Applicants consider the needs of the community in which they are working and show consideration during the design and development of the project. At a more complex level there may be considerations about how a project engages with the community through related projects or specific project outcomes for community groups. This would be particularly important for projects such as regeneration projects. Possible actions are 1) Considerate Constructors scheme 2) Community Engagement and 3) Community Projects. Employment and Training The North West Regional Development Agency are concerned with the objectives of linking people to employment and integrating regional skills activities into Sub-Regional Partnerships and key strategic sites. The issues of local employment and economy may or may not be applicable for a specific project. The option for the need of this information will be driven by; · Role of the project within a wider regeneration context. · Length of project – shorter projects are more difficult to put skills and training measures in place. · Type of skills required – some projects require higher level skills than others. Agenda 10.30 Registration 10.45 Emma Kyng, CCI – The Sustainable Building Programme of Awareness Raising 10.55 Jon Merrick, NWDA – The Agency’s Position on Communities, Employment and Training Community – issues to be covered: · – Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) · – Community Engagement (CE) · – Community Projects (CP) Presentations from: 11.05 John Sheward, St. Helens Council & Dave Noar, Mayfield Construction – Considerate Constructor Scheme and Community Engagement 11.20 Rushana Nabi, Emanuel Whittaker – Engaging with Communities 11.35 Bramall Construction – Considerate Constructor Scheme and Community Projects 11.50 Jason Easy, Manchester Working – Community Projects and Engaging with Communities 12.05 – 12.45 Lunch Employment & Training – issues to be covered – Contract Clauses – Performance Measurement – Different Training Options – shorter projects are more difficult to put skills and training measures in place so what options are available – Equality and Diversity – Case Studies – what works and why 12.45 Richard Macfarlane, Targeted Recruitment and Training – employment and training contract clauses 13.20 Ian Hunter, ConstructionSkills – the range of courses available, different durations, different qualifications, different ages (apprenticeships through to short courses), grants available. 13.40 Job Centre Plus 13.55 Break 14.15 Ruksaha Nabi, Emmanuel Whittaker – Equality & Diversity and Recruitment 14.30 John Sheward, St. Helens Council & Dave Noar, Mayfield Construction –St. Helens Case Study 14.50 Jason Easy, Manchester Working – The Apprentice Programme established between Manchester City Council and Manchester Working 15.10 Natalie Tordoff, Adactus Housing Association – Miles Platting 15.30 End of Presentations, Refreshments Available Registration To reserve a place at this event please contact Hannah Kavanagh at CCI or on 0161 295 5076. There is no charge for this event, but please note that due to popularity, places are available on a first-come first-served basis.